The Artist

Angela Blessing approaches her life much like her magical jewelry creations…as a celebration of Beauty, Sacredness, and never holding back. Angela’s profound appreciation for Nature and diverse cultural roots expresses itself through her remarkably one-of-a-kind works; reflecting an intriguing fusion style of medieval regalness with indigenous shamanistic depth.

Drawing from her extensive apprenticeship training (1996-2000) with StarSparks in traditional Navajo Silversmithing, Angela seeks to express the lush imagery of the Natural World, Ancient Mythos and Fantasy. The classic techniques she employs giving every piece the unmistakable feeling that it’s been touched with Presence and Love.

From her inviting and cozy downtown Santa Cruz studio, collectors and galleries enjoy a prolific flow of unique themes and compositions. Featuring a myriad of precious and semi-precious stones, sterling, gold and mixed metal fabrication, Angela Blessing crafts with a boldness that gives this wearable art recognizable distinction.

We hope you enjoy experiencing first hand the pleasure and power of wearing an Angela Blessing Original, as a blessing and a prayer for wholeness, empowerment, and as a joyous participant in the infinite Beauty of Creation.

Symbology in Jewelry

Savor the continued exploration of symbolism and energies available to you in the ownership of this living work of wearable art. As time unfolds, you will continue to discover new meaning and magical properties your relationship to the adornment reveals. As you wear and look at the piece, note how it makes you feel, and what images and conversation it evokes in your daily life. Ancient Cultures have always revered jewelry as tools of magic, or Talismans…medicine bundles that carry a specific power, alchemy, story or intention. Each Angela Blessing Original has a unique gift to offer the wearer, always dynamic and fluid. Engage and Communicate with the Great Mystery every day.

What makes this work truly unique?

• Each piece is a hand-crafted, completely unique and original work of Art.
• Designs are rich with symbolism, personal meaning, and natural power.
• Many works are completely reversible, offering a totally distinct look and feel on either side.
• Angela’s unique designs often integrate multiple precious and semi-precious stones, mixed precious metals, creating exciting color palettes.
• Her “totem-fusion” style includes Animal Imagery and Medicine, Sacred Geometry, and traditional power symbols from current and prehistoric cultures.
• She employs very traditional fabrication techniques, like the Native American Silversmiths of the Southwest, giving her pieces that hand-crafted, earthy appeal …while still conveying sumptuous sparkle and regal elegance.
• NO two pieces are ever the same.
• Upon request, an Angela Blessing Original comes with a beautiful, signed Certificate of Authenticity that includes the work’s Title, Date of Completion and a detailed, poetic description individually composed by the artist. Certificates are printed on high-quality specialty stock and displayed in a protective sleeve.

Wholesale Purchases

Angela Blessing makes her work available through select retail venues throughout the country and internationally. With people’s growing interest in spirituality and personal empowerment, Angela’s distinctive style and powerful imagery speak to the client’s deepest primality and magical self. like no other custom jewelry line. If your discerning customers prefer truly special adornment that’s been hand-crafted by the artist with love, this ever-evolving collection of spectacular power-pieces will be treasured by their owners.

Who buys Angela Blessing Originals?

Angela enjoys the patronage of a wide range of clientele from celebrities to healers, executives to spiritual facilitators. Ages range from 8 to 80 years, from a multitude of backgrounds and lifestyles. People find they are attracted to the spiritual presence of the work. The rich and multidimensional symbolism answers a need very rarely addressed in the commercial jewelry marketplace. Appropriate retail venues, such as fine department stores, galleries and boutiques can offer unexpected nourishment for the soul when one has the opportunity to explore their own mythology and spiritual development within the shopping experience.


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