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  • Labradorite Necklace ~ The Goddess Awakens


    The Goddess Awakens is a regal and hauntingly beautiful power piece in its elegant simplicity. I’ve chosen the most beautiful blue-green Labradorite gemstones in my collection to create a composition of lustrous chitoiance and glimmer. Then strung with alternating deepest blue Labradorite and gorgeous green chrysoprase beads.

    I’ve accented these peacock blue stones with infinity spirals to represent the unending renewal of energy. The truth of our ever-changing world and our own consciousness. The opportunity to rebirth ourselves at any moment. After all, the Universe is doing it all the time. And we ARE that. Doors close and new doors open, flowers bloom and fade away, seeds take root. We are part of this magnificent circle of life and we can claim the power of peace in the acceptance of change.

    I fantasize about a woman receiving this as a gift a being absolutely touched in the fact that she knows she is seen for the queen she is. You will never know how magnificent this piece is until you see it on. Truly Stunning. Its made for an average to slim neck but can easily be lengthened to suit. Please contact me with any questions.

  • Tantric Embrace ~ REVERSIBLE Pendant w Entwined Serpents and Labradorite


    A mystical work of jewelry art for a Man or Woman: This dramatic specimen of Madagascar Labradorite is the main attraction on the one side of this hand-crafted one-of-a-kind pendant. Luminous and mysterious, Labradorite is known as Merlin’s stone and is one of my personal favorites that harmonizes nicely with many energies beautifully, inspiring artistic expression and mystical awareness of the unseen worlds.

    The opposite side of this reversible pendant, are 2 serpents entwined, a symbol of Tantric Alchemy, Lovers in Union, or the interplay of the Masculine and Feminine. I’ve illustrated the rising energy of the chakras with a series of corresponding colored gemstones: Starting with Ruby, Fire Opal, Citrine, Peridot, Blue Opal, Amethyst, and a Crown of Carved Aquamarine that almost Clear. Its really an incredible Piece. And Substantial, measuring at about 4 inches in length.

    The piece is definitely unisex, and can be worn on as chain or neck-ring, sold separately. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or to see the piece in live streaming video for further detail. Thank you!

  • Bliss~ Heart with Wings Reversible Pendant


    This darling reversible pendant is brimming with sweet medicine and potent prayers for Love, Happiness and Freedom. The power of the gemstone Ruby is accentuated with two spirals representing the generous flow of heart-based connection, while the incredible Larimar on the reverse side of the pendant is a celestial soul journey of upliftment and heavenly bliss. I’ve accented this extraordinary stone with the playful sparkle of an ample faceted Aquamarine. This is an absolutely one-of-a-kind piece of art jewelry and I hope you’ll enjoy and share your beauty in it for decades to come…

    Please contact me with any questions or to view this pendant in real time by streaming video. Neck-rings or chains sold separately.

  • Uprising~Handmade Phoenix Pendant with Hessonite Garnet


    TITLE: Rising in to the Light ~ Handcrafted, one-of-a-kind, Phoenix Pendant can be worn as a necklace talisman as a symbol of Rebirth and Regeneration. The Phoenix here, with is center stone of fiery orange-red (AAA Hessonite Garnet) arises from the flames in to the light of an incredibly luminous deluxe faceted Champagne Quartz. The gemstone is echoed in the design through a series of unusual 5-point faceted pentagons all along the tops of the Phoenix’s wings.  The pentagon has also been known to represent the design of the human body, so I love that this composition tells a story of humanity rising for the ashes on the wings of a Phoenix! (you gotta love that). Under the Hessonite Garnet on the mythical bird, is a brilliant egg-shaped topaz, further celebrating the idea of new life and the infinite creativity of the Universe.

    This phoenix pendant is both powerful and beautiful. Her story calls you in…and her medicine is timeless. I was creating this as a meditation to clear all stagnant energy for my visioning process and allowing a fresh flow of ideas and creativity to enter into my work. The day this pendant was born, I got a new understudy who has been a great help to me…especially with keeping the energy moving forward and opening new doors. I started a cleanse soon thereafter which has helped my energy levels and focus immensely. I believe in the power of these ancient symbols and the earth-medicine of these gemstones the effect real change in one’s life.

    Wear this power symbol in times of transition or loss, when new aliveness and inspiration is needed, or when you just want to rock the POWER OF THE PHOENIX!

    Please see corresponding video for further detail and sizing information. Can be worn on a chain or neckring, sold separately. Thank you!

    ~ Angela Blessing

  • Vision Speaks~Reversible Bear Claw Power Necklace


    TITLE: Walking with the Elders ~ This is an absolutely one-of-a-kind deep medicine piece that feels to me, both powerful and shamanic, but also playful and luminous. Its commands presence, yet also beckons closer the discerning admirer to its intricacies, color and light.

    On the side with Stars: We have the 7 stars all linked together; The Seven Sisters which is the Pleiades Star System. In many Native American cosmologies this is considered the star system from which our Ancestors came. Each star has a luminous high quality turquoise at its center (Sleeping Beauty Mine) which for me, represents the star-seed that is the lineage of the People.

    The Bear Claws come from the Northern American-Canadian Border and were traded by the modern day Ojibwe folks living and hunting there. Bear Medicine is heart medicine. It is the wisdom of the Grandmothers and Grandfathers, the Elders. Bear is a messenger through dream-time, and can help as a spirit guide in our personal healing and our work as healers in the community or on a planetary level. Deep Wisdom. Listen to the Elders. Respect.

    On the back side of this reversible medicine piece are a series of gorgeous blue apatite leading to a central mandala radiating in the Four Sacred Directions, with a Fluorites radiating in each mid-point as well. Apatite is known for enhancing mental clarity and cognitive functioning. The Fluorite placed here is powerful for not holding onto negative energy so its keeping the potency of  your intellectual clarity at optimal functioning and free of unnecessary internal chatter. The amethyst in the center of the mandala is here to activate the 3rd Eye Vision, serving to inspire your focus and work in the world or inner explorations.

    If this piece resonates with you, I do look forward to meeting you someday. Please see corresponding video for further detail and sizing.

    Wear in Good Health and Magical Adventures,

    Angela Blessing



  • Spirit Quest


    This Celtic Knot Ring with and extraordinary clear jelly opal tells a story of a souls quest for meaning and understanding. The celtic knot represents the nature of infinity and that souls journey on his endless quest to gain higher forms of knowledge, mastery and ultimately, Oneness. Wear this ring as a window in to the Great Mystery, but RELAX into the knowing you have an eternity to discover the meaning of Life. Creation is in a constant process of birthing and becoming and we are right there inside that process. Awakening and realizing the beautify of all that is.

    Approx size 7-1/2

  • Fossil Ivory Tusk Pendant with Ammonite, Citrine, and Hessonite Garnet for Men or Women


    Title: Rooted

    This super earthy and masculine one-of-a-kind pendant was inspired by the uncanny match a discovered between the two fossils. Notice that unusual woody, almost bark-like texture in the brown. It looks so soft and earthy, yet comes from two very different places and species. I loved how they blended and complimented each other in form so well in this simple composition.

    I set a faceted citrine in the center of the fossil to represent the heart of gold that the owner of this piece has. On the reverse side I have chosen a luminous hessonite garnet of the highest quality to enhance their health and vitality as well as energize the root chakra.

    Wear this piece in honor of the ancient wisdom it holds within and enjoy the soul-satisfying groundedness. You are the earth wisdom. You are the mountain. You are both king and shaman within.



  • Goddess Necklace with Pearls, Fossil Coral and Pink Chalcedony


    Title: Love Story

    This incredibly feminine handmade power piece is kissed by the moon and dripping with love. She is ecstatic in her heart aglow. This is a necklace for a shimmering queen, a lover of romance and a lunar goddess.

    Each iridescent taupe and pink and golden hued coin pearl is a representation of the blessed full moon, and each is overflowing with the luscious nectar of people in love. In the center on top is fossil coral to call in longevity and depth into the sacred marriage of masculine and feminine. Beneath the fossil is a ruby to call in integrity, strength and respect to the sacred union to oneself or another.

    Currently the sizing of the necklace itself is on the petite side but can easily be lengthened if needed depending on if you would like to wear it more as a choker or if you prefer a looser fit. Please let me know how I can make it perfect for you. Matching earring are sold separately.

    Enjoy in JOY,


  • Drop Earrings w Iridescent Pearls and Pink Chalcedony


    Title: Fairy Tails

    These gorgeously sweet earrings have a post back and beautiful sterling silver detail surrounding a subtle play of pastel hues between the large coin pearl and pink faceted chalcedony drop. Feel absolutely lovely and feminine in this special ensemble, necklace sold separately.

  • Handcrafted Reversible Tree Necklace w Labradorite, Black Pearl, Emerald, Smokey Quartz and Butterfly


    Title: The Inner Jewel

    This one-of-a-kind handmade necklace is truly a special piece of Power Jewelry that can be enjoyed in your casual moments as well as your most elegant evening attire. She has a special story to share about letting go a letting God. About the incredible spiritual and emotional growth that takes place when we allow ourselves to take a look into our shadow. She reminds us that in the center is a jewel that glows with such aliveness and beauty that all MUST transform in the light of her TRUTH.

    On the picture-story side of this piece I have depicted a great unfurling Tree that grows form the sparkling depth of a black opal, representing the beauty, depth and power hidden in our shadow and the potential growth of doing our shadow work. Her growth is held and blessed in LOVE (represented by the heart in the tree)  In the middle is the small but gloriously green faceted emerald held in the center of the Four Sacred Directions. Hanging below is another black opal representing, again, the shadow, and the Butterfly (representing TRANSFORMATION) is holding up this shadow to the Light of INNER TRUTH.

    The Labradorite side of this piece furthers this medicine of looking into, self-reflecting and inquiry into our inner selves. The facets that are revealed when the light of awareness is shone upon something we may have been trying to avoid, illuminates such a strength and beauty. That ultimately, we are further encouraged to continue our deeper inquiry into self with an unwavering compassionate acceptance and loving embrace.

    Please let me know if you have any further questions about this beautiful work of art and healing medicine. And stay tuned for a product video for further details and sizing info.


    Angela Blessing


  • Ammonite Earrings with Citrine


    Title: Light in the Deep

    From the deep comes this ancestor fossil, typically from 100-150 million years old…these beings thrived in the ancient waters of our planet. I love seeing the fine lace of their spiral formation…and how perfectly the soft golden hue of these pentagonally faceted citrine echo the lighter colors in the fossil. The texturing around the stones continue to echo this radiating spiral energy outward, emanating a beautiful, serene, yet powerful energy.

    If you listen, do you hear the message from the deep? Do you know your own luminosity?

    If these are for you, I know they have some special medicine to share directly with you. Don’t forget: they are medicine tools, and you can use them in your important work in more ways than I can know. Inquire. Feel. Listen. Enjoy in JOY!






  • Hexagonal Garnet Silver Earrings


    TITLE: From my Center ~ Ground deeply into your center with these beautiful hand-crafted one-of-a-kind earrings with gorgeous soft geometries of red red garnet. The Mandala is an ancient art-form that has been used to center ones consciousness while the deep red of this high-grade garnet gemstone is energizing and grounding at a root chakra level. Connect, Ground and Center your mind and body with this wearable art. Size is about 1.5″ and lightweight earrings.


    Angela Blessing