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  • The Seer-REVESIBLE Anasazi Pottery Shard Pendant


    This exceptional pendant is reversible, allowing the wearer to enjoy 2 distinctly different designs with a unifying theme of remembering our Ancestors. The one side has a genuine pottery shard of Anasazi origin, likely of the Chaco culture. Above it, I have places an “all seeing” eye of star dioptase, whose center star catches the light and moves, representing the eye of our ancestors, watching over us, loving us, and guiding us through our challenging times.

    The opposite side has a beautifully mysterious deep blue Labradorite, and a skull as in Day of the Dead on which we remember an honor those who have passed. There is a single garnet below the skull signifying the one blood, the ancestral blood at the root of our human family.

    This is an interesting piece, full of homage and history, memories and story. What journeys does it have yet to unfold? Where will you take it on your soul path?

    Yes, we remember you, Grandmother and Grandfathers. Ancient Ones. We are listening…

    For men or women. Can be worn on a chain or neck-ring. Pendant is just under 3 inches long. Please contact me with any questions or custom requests.


    Angela Blessing

  • Wolf Claw Pendant w Opal, Emerald, Garnet


    A potent talisman for community leaders or heads of family, with the added medicine of water magic and protection (opal) as well as the regenerative properties of emerald. Hummingbird brings joy and lightness and teaches a path of swift and mindful solutions. Wolf medicine teaches how to accomplish bigger and stronger by working together. Unified. Eyes on the Prize.

    The two faceted garnets on top are a reminder to connect with both feet to the Mother Earth as you move through the world and feel your ROOT. The stars and moon remind us to breathe in the sky with open expansiveness, letting in the power of possibility and CHANGE.

    Wolf Claw Pendant is approx. 1 3/4 inch long and artist hand-crafted from sterling silver and genuine materials in Santa Cruz, California. Please contact me with any questions or custom requests.


    Angela Blessing

  • Orange Garnet Ring ~ Follow the Sun

    This gorgeous stone will keep you gazing and enjoying whenever you wear her, The silver work has fine detail on the fancy prong bezel while the band has a beautiful image of a mountain range meeting sky.

    The medicine of this ring is to celebrate and enhance the sexual/sensual union of the masculine and feminine, The color orange energizes the second chakra which is the sexual energy center according to ancient yogic practices. The image of the mother earth and father sky meeting speak to holy union of the sacred elements in native teachings. Our spiritual work is truly activated within the union and harmony of the masculine and feminine energies.

    So I celebrate this within ourselves and within our relationships. I celebrate your power, your pleasure, your completeness. Ring is a size 7.

  • Ghost Dance


    This piece is no longer available, but I can create a custom power piece for you. Please contact me! Thanks, Angela Blessing

  • Multidimensional-REVERSIBLE Labradorite and Amber Crystal Pendant


    This unique, handmade reversible crystal pendant immediately creates a feeling groundedness. On one side we have a labradorite in the center of a radial matrix. These are ideas and projects flowing out from a multidimensional mind. A being who isn’t satisfied unless engaged in multifaceted creative projects, and able to express the myriad of facets his soul has to explore and create from.

    I see the crystal, in its precise form, as an anchor for all this multidimensional activity and expression. Adding clarity, stability and connection to the earth.

    On the opposite side, we have a rare and especially beautiful Sumatran Amber. Sumptuouse in its honey colored glow, and keeping you connected with the ancient wisdom of the trees, and the mysterious alchemy of sun and earth, this crystallized tree-blood.

    This sacred jewelry piece supports you to move through the world, creating magnificent things from the center of your own, crystal clear, radial matrix while listening and staying open to the guidance of the trees and the natural world around you. It is there you will find your greatest inspiration and your most important work. Rock on, multidimensional human creatrix!

    Can be worn on a chain or neckring, sold separately. Call me with any questions. Thank you!

  • Walking with the Ancestors~REVERSIBLE Amber and Ammonite Necklace


    A warm and earthy REVERSIBLE men’s necklace has been prayerfully handcrafted with rare and ancient materials to keep you deeply connected to the Ancient Ones. Featuring an especially big and beautiful Sumatran Amber centerpiece, amber calls in the wisdom and presence of the eternal Tree of Life, her ancient life blood crystallized in a mystical meeting of earth and sun elements.

    On the opposite side is an ammonite fossil dating back millennia to the predecessors of the nautilus and their ancient sea-bed home. Stay connected to the Mother Ocean, the Earth and Trees wearing this warm and comfortable shaman piece for the important times to come; Times where each of us are asked to stand up and speak up as earth stewards and the voices of wisdom and deep humanness. Be connected. Be courage. Be you in the Circle of Life.


  • Warmth and Passion~REVERSIBLE Citrine Crystal Pendant w Sunstone and Amethyst


    The sparklingly stunning sunstone one-of-a-kind reversible pendant compliments an extraordinary citrine crystal with rare rainbow features within. Energizing and invigorating sunstone and citrine will activate your inner fires and engage the power of your personal WILL. Let the intuition-enhancing spiritual qualities of these gorgeous AAA African amethyst guide the direction of your will and actions in a mystical synergy of intuitive listening and sacred activism. Receive the wisdom of the “violet flame” and bring your powerful contributions to the world with grace and ease. The celtic cross in this composition represent the infinite potential of life force energy in alignment with spirit. Follow your inner guidance, love, and action when your heart moves you to! The world needs your GIFTS.

    This pendant is suitable for both men and women. Wear on a chain or neckring sold separately. See corresponding video for further detail and sizing. Call me with any questions! Thank you, Angela Blessing



  • Tantric Embrace ~ REVERSIBLE Pendant w Entwined Serpents and Labradorite


    A mystical work of jewelry art for a Man or Woman: This dramatic specimen of Madagascar Labradorite is the main attraction on the one side of this hand-crafted one-of-a-kind pendant. Luminous and mysterious, Labradorite is known as Merlin’s stone and is one of my personal favorites that harmonizes nicely with many energies beautifully, inspiring artistic expression and mystical awareness of the unseen worlds.

    The opposite side of this reversible pendant, are 2 serpents entwined, a symbol of Tantric Alchemy, Lovers in Union, or the interplay of the Masculine and Feminine. I’ve illustrated the rising energy of the chakras with a series of corresponding colored gemstones: Starting with Ruby, Fire Opal, Citrine, Peridot, Blue Opal, Amethyst, and a Crown of Carved Aquamarine that almost Clear. Its really an incredible Piece. And Substantial, measuring at about 4 inches in length.

    The piece is definitely unisex, and can be worn on as chain or neck-ring, sold separately. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or to see the piece in live streaming video for further detail. Thank you!

  • Meeting of Earth and Sky ~ REVERSIBLE Bear Claw Pendant


    This magical hand-crafted bear claw talisman tells a story about the Balance between the Masculine and Feminine, the Elements of Sun, Sky, Earth, and Water, and the Healing of the Sacred Circle of Life. As those close to me and my work know, I don’t usually set off to make a piece with everything all planned out. Its a process of unfolding. And just as this amazing pendant started with only a wild natural nugget of turquoise, it evolved into what it is and shares its poetry of energetic potency. Here’s a little of my interpretation:

    Turquoise, one of the oldest recorded jewelry gemstones, is considered a Sky Stone, Here I have accented this cloud-like natural nugget with a silver leave and hung a pair of shells carved of turquoise to celebrate the connection of there Sky, the Ocean and the Sacred Waters of life and related cycles. In the center, the bear claw talisman, there is a medicine wheel which represents the great circle of life, the 4 scared directions, and the balance of the elements. The significance of the bear claw and the medicine wheel together is a prayer for the healing of the sacred hoop. Heart healing. Deep Dreaming. Touching all Life.

    The Reversible side of the pendant is an illustration of the balance of Fire and Water, Sun and Moon, Masculine and Feminine. There is the Sunstone, radiating light to the waters below, represented by the blue-green opals. Ilove how both of these minerals reflect and hold the light within them. Opals actually have water inside them that create the rainbows of color. Sunstone has incredible golden shards of light.

    The symbolism in this piece is foundational in the indigenous medicine ways. I trust it will continue share its secrets and be a very precious power object for its keeper. It can be worn by man or woman. Neck-ring or chains sold separately. Please contact me if you’d like to see this piece in live streaming video for further detail and sizing. Thank you!




  • Window to the Soul ~ Fluorite, Amethyst, Labradorite


    This stunning unisex statement piece is Truly a Window to the Soul. The multi-colored hues of greens and violets in the large Fluorite hexagon are echoed and complemented by a series of corresponding gemstones below: Directly beneath there is an incredible Labradorite containing an astounds spectrum of color including the greens and purples. This stone is the EYE of the piece. The “seer” that peers into the multi-faceted expansiveness of the hexagon “window”. Next the third eye activator, Amethyst triangle awaken us to another level of perceptiveness and intuitive understanding. Then finally, a sweet luminous milky-green emerald ties it all together with its connection to the middle earth beings of the fairy and elven kin-doms and plant life.

    In addition to amethyst and fluorite beads, this necklace is strung with Chrysoprase as well, connecting with the specific green of the emerald drop at the bottom of the arrangement. This piece has much, much more to share when it has a chance to percolate more deeply with its future owner, I can tell. If you’d like to see this piece more detail in real time streaming video, don’t hesitate to call 831-600-5013.

    Sizing is potentially adjustable upon request. Approx 17 inches in length around the neck. Wear in good medicine!

    Thank You,

    Angela Blessing


  • Sitting with the Stones ~ Turquoise Ring


    This is a one-of-a-kind handcrafted sterling silver ring. This is an all natural turquoise nugget formation and is untreated. Turquoise is one of the worlds oldest and most celebrated jewelry minerals and has a deeply grounding and calming effect on the nervous system. This ring is for a person who wants to be reminded of the deep quiet and stillness found in Nature and in sitting with the Ancient Earth Energies. Read more about Turquoise here. Its a Men’s ring but could be worn by a woman who has fabulously large hands as well! Size ## (TBD)

  • Listening~Reversible Ammonite and Aquamarine Pendant


    TITLE: Listening ~ Reversible Pendant with Aquamarine, Ammonite Fossil, and Sumatran Amber. One-of-a-kind, handcrafted in sterling silver. This unique nature-themed pendant has the beloved sea turtle swimming amongst spirals and stone with some gorgeous pieces of faceted aquamarine representing the cool, cleansing, clarity of water. The watery stone is both luminous and glittery, but the sea turtle in her wisdom navigates with focus through the ever-changing currants.

    One the reverse side we have two “memory minerals”; one being the ammonite fossil which are typically over 100 million years old and are the fossil of the ancient predecessor to the nautilus. The other is a beautiful and alluring multi-colored amber from Sumatra. Amber is fossilized tree-blood, so it also carries the memory of ancient beings- tree people that lived long, long ago.

    The piece is a gentle reminder to slow down and listen. Listen to the precious wisdom in the symphony of nature. Drop down deep into that timeless river of knowing to truly know yourself and all the power that lies within. You are PURE MAGIC UNFOLDING.

    Please see corresponding video for further detail and sizing. Pendant can be worn on chain or neck-ring, sold separately or mage into a custom necklace we design together. Enjoy!

    Thank you,

    Angela Blessing