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  • Orange Garnet Ring ~ Follow the Sun

    This gorgeous stone will keep you gazing and enjoying whenever you wear her, The silver work has fine detail on the fancy prong bezel while the band has a beautiful image of a mountain range meeting sky.

    The medicine of this ring is to celebrate and enhance the sexual/sensual union of the masculine and feminine, The color orange energizes the second chakra which is the sexual energy center according to ancient yogic practices. The image of the mother earth and father sky meeting speak to holy union of the sacred elements in native teachings. Our spiritual work is truly activated within the union and harmony of the masculine and feminine energies.

    So I celebrate this within ourselves and within our relationships. I celebrate your power, your pleasure, your completeness. Ring is a size 7.

  • Sitting with the Stones ~ Turquoise Ring


    This is a one-of-a-kind handcrafted sterling silver ring. This is an all natural turquoise nugget formation and is untreated. Turquoise is one of the worlds oldest and most celebrated jewelry minerals and has a deeply grounding and calming effect on the nervous system. This ring is for a person who wants to be reminded of the deep quiet and stillness found in Nature and in sitting with the Ancient Earth Energies. Read more about Turquoise here. Its a Men’s ring but could be worn by a woman who has fabulously large hands as well! Size ## (TBD)

  • Unique Larimar Ring with Spirals


    TITLE: Poetry in Motion ~ One-of-a-kind Larimar ring in Sterling Silver setting. Larimar brings us the power of sea and sky. This gorgeous and powerful stone has been accented with 9 sacred spirals representing the constant motion of the elements, movement and change. Wear this piece when you need to move stagnant energy and get into your FLOW! Feel the spaciousness of the sky and let your spirit expand in to limitless possibility. Ring size just over 5 1/2

  • Amethyst and Turquoise Ring

    TITLE: Honoring ~ This one-of-a-kind hand-crafted sterling silver ring has a stunning color combination of dark African amethyst cut in a soft diamond point with 4 brilliant and bright Sleeping Beauty Turquoise representing the Four Sacred Directions. The center stone of amethyst is the stone of the 3rd Eye and Intuition and Turquoise is traditionally a stone that represents the Sky Father and has been set in the 4 cardinal directions. This ring reminds us to honor our inner spiritual compass and to respect and hold sacred the ancient native traditions in ways that feel right and in alignment with our personal spiritual and cultural paths. This ring is a size 8

  • Green Chrysoprase Ring with Leaf Setting in Silver


    TITLE: Forest Fairy ~ Hand-crafted sterling silver ring with forest theme and detailed leaf setting accentuate this vibrant green chrysoprase. Bring a feel of aliveness and nature to your day as you wear and enjoy this special medicine piece with the peaceful harmonizing energy of the forest and green chrysoprase.  Ring size is just under 5 and 1/2

  • Amethyst and Silver Ring


    TITLE: The Violet Ray ~ Handcrafted one-of-a-kind Amethyst ring made with detailed Silver. A stunning example of old-world craftsmanship with a magical flair. Amethyst enhances intuition and spiritual clarity for the wearer. And and amethyst ring is a powerful way to remind you that you can trust the clear pointed focus of your third eye, your inner compass and higher guidance at all times. Wear, Feel, Trust, Remember. Ring Size is 7 and 1/2.

  • Green Chrysoprase Ring-Egyptian Style w Spirals


    TITLE: Creative Force~This elegant handmade one-of-a-kind sterling silver ring, reminds me of the powerful sacred jewelry of ancient Egypt. The design has the energizing and balancing energy of 2 opposing spirals above and below the sacred green egg shape of this vibrant chrysoprase. Wearing a chrysoprase ring is the perfect way to remind you of your unlimited creative potential! The ring size is just under size 7 and has a  slim band.

  • Handmade Silver Ring w/ Chrysicholla


    Title: From the Deep

    This beautiful gem silica chrysicholla is stunningly featured in ornate sterling silver roping and fancy bezel. The gorgeous watery turquoise depths of this gemstone invite you to dive in deeply to the sacred feminine wisdom of water. Attune to the powerful medicine of the Mother Ocean and her wide circle of life and feel the energy of gently floating, free flowing, and deep, slow moving currents of awakening in your being. Celebrate the circle of life the ocean and the earth’s waters support. Call in her transformative medicine of emotional cleansing while her gentleness buoys you in an endless sea of gracious nurturing. Feel the power of Water. Openness. Gentle Power.

    Approx size 8

  • Handmade Silver Ring w Black and White Fossil


    Title: Earth Stories

    This handmade sterling silver ring features a very cool black and white toned fossil conglomerate that definitely has a story to tell. I titled this one-of-a-kind jewelry piece Earth Stories because of how all the creatures immortalized in this piece reminds us of how temporal this life is, and how dear and unique each life form on the planet is.

    You’ll also enjoy how the bold black and white color pallet of this fossil makes it a dream to wear with so many of your outfits, casual and elegant…

    Wear this piece as a proud yet humble inhabitant of this incredible family as part of a grand circle of life. Live, Love and Serve.

    Please see corresponding video for further detail. Ring is approximately a size 7.5+

  • Into the Deep


    Remember your strength and compassion as you inquire more deeply within. Embrace the shadow, the forgotten, and the places where you tend to hide. Feel and embrace the depth of darkness in those places. Love them and heal…the leaves represent growth and new life!

    Sugalite in sterling silver. Ring size 8 and 1/2. Please see corresponding video for further detail and sizing info before purchasing. Thank you!

    Angela Blessing

  • Classic Turquoise


    This ring is simply a celebration of a classic Native American style featuring heritage Morinci turquoise that has never been treated, dyed or enhanced in any way. Just naturally robins-egg blue gorgeous. Its actually become very difficult to obtain untreated turquoise and unfortunately merchants aren’t always honest about it. This turquoise I cut myself and I inherited from my teach StarSparks who acquired it in the 80’s from the source.

    This ring is for a women who enjoys a classic design with high-quality materials. Ring is size 7. Please see corresponding video for further detail and sizing info before purchasing. Thank you!


    Angela Blessing

  • The Green Grotto


    This deliciously sumptuous fairy ring glows an incredible green with a bulbous polished flourite encased with silver leaves. This ring is a reminder to go to your secret place where you recharge and get in touch with magical self. Maybe its a green luscious ferny grotto? Maybe a still quiet in the forest…take time to remember.

    Ring size is 4. Please see corresponding video for further details and sizing info before purchasing. Thank you!

    Angela Blessing


    Angela Blessing