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  • Oceana Goddess-Mother of Pearl, Turquoise


    A stunning and powerful necklace that has been blessed and initiated within an all-day water fasting ceremony of women’s prayer and song and storytelling on the shoreline of the Pacific. On the Autumnal Equinox with a circle of dedicated medicine/wisdom keepers and water protectors.

    I created this piece as one in a series of sacred jewelry honoring water and those committed to the healing and protection. This is a sacred circle. I have the dolphin and her baby under the great eye of Mother of Pearl between 2 spirals moving in opposite directions, representing the sentience of our non-human allies, the universal love of a mother for her children, and as a reminder to protect these magnificent and intelligent creatures.

    The pearls have a purity and cleansing quality, the turquoise, grounding and expansive; like having your energy rooted into the earth while taking in the vastness of the sky.

    I could go on and on about this piece, as it has special significance as a medicine piece and earth prayer. All that aside, its incredibly GORGEOUS! Feel the water flow and potent goddess energy of the ocean through this exquisite handmade silver art jewelry.

    Necklace is approximately 16 inches and wear close to the neck. can be adjust to suit neck size. Please contact me with any questions or custom work inquiries.

    Wear in good medicine,

    Angela Blessing

  • Labradorite Necklace ~ The Goddess Awakens


    The Goddess Awakens is a regal and hauntingly beautiful power piece in its elegant simplicity. I’ve chosen the most beautiful blue-green Labradorite gemstones in my collection to create a composition of lustrous chitoiance and glimmer. Then strung with alternating deepest blue Labradorite and gorgeous green chrysoprase beads.

    I’ve accented these peacock blue stones with infinity spirals to represent the unending renewal of energy. The truth of our ever-changing world and our own consciousness. The opportunity to rebirth ourselves at any moment. After all, the Universe is doing it all the time. And we ARE that. Doors close and new doors open, flowers bloom and fade away, seeds take root. We are part of this magnificent circle of life and we can claim the power of peace in the acceptance of change.

    I fantasize about a woman receiving this as a gift a being absolutely touched in the fact that she knows she is seen for the queen she is. You will never know how magnificent this piece is until you see it on. Truly Stunning. Its made for an average to slim neck but can easily be lengthened to suit. Please contact me with any questions.

  • Ghost Dance


    This piece is no longer available, but I can create a custom power piece for you. Please contact me! Thanks, Angela Blessing

  • Inner Alchemy~Butterfly Necklace w Smokey Quartz, Garnet, and Labradorite


    This beautifully feminine one-of-a-kind handmade butterfly necklace is magnificent with sparkle and depth. Like a woman, her depth will draw you in, so that her elegance and grace might be admired more closely. And that is exactly what this totem of transformation, the Butterfly will do. Draw you into deeper self reflection and inquiry. This piece is a reminder to go ahead and ponder and appreciate all the beautiful qualities that make you special, perfectly imperfect, strong or brilliant, wounded or bitchy…and LOVE them all.

    Its time to examine and embrace ALL of your parts. Notice them. Appreciate them. Love them like you love the innocence of a child. Just be with the totality of you-ness. And watch how the abiding grace of our own healing impulse and capacity for growth lead you through another, and yet another doorway of transformation.

    This journey is a walk of beauty and of remembrance as you deliberately and lovingly weave your chrysalis of self reflection. Then in your perfect time, in your unique way, enjoy all the ways you have freed yourself to live more fully and be even more of who you are. The world, this vast circle of Life needs you soaring in your courage and empowerment. Be the CHANGE, baby!

    Necklace is approx. 16.5 inches long inner measurement. Please see corresponding video for further detail and sizing. Please call with any questions! Thank you, Angela Blessing

  • Walking with the Ancestors~REVERSIBLE Amber and Ammonite Necklace


    A warm and earthy REVERSIBLE men’s necklace has been prayerfully handcrafted with rare and ancient materials to keep you deeply connected to the Ancient Ones. Featuring an especially big and beautiful Sumatran Amber centerpiece, amber calls in the wisdom and presence of the eternal Tree of Life, her ancient life blood crystallized in a mystical meeting of earth and sun elements.

    On the opposite side is an ammonite fossil dating back millennia to the predecessors of the nautilus and their ancient sea-bed home. Stay connected to the Mother Ocean, the Earth and Trees wearing this warm and comfortable shaman piece for the important times to come; Times where each of us are asked to stand up and speak up as earth stewards and the voices of wisdom and deep humanness. Be connected. Be courage. Be you in the Circle of Life.


  • Temple of the Sun ~ Priestess Necklace Sunstone, Amber and Carnelian


    A powerful and stunning statement piece that radiates the warm glows of golden and orange hues. The handcrafted silver detail on this piece is unique and fascinating texturally. There are multiple levels of symbolism going on here, and suffice it to say that this piece is going to be worn by someone who feels connected and in harmony with her masculine energy but also stands in her place as queen or priestess!

    All along the inner row top of this necklace is Sunstone. With the radiance of the sun and the fire of the solar ray, Sunstone carries the energy of Ra, the sun god, whose energy brings all potential life from within the Earth. It is a Stone of Leadership – of personal power, freedom, and expanded consciousness. Truly reflecting the qualities of Light, it brings openness, benevolence and warmth, strength, mental clarity, and the willingness and ability to bestow blessings upon others. [Simmons, 388][Ahsian, 388]

    Known as a joyful stone, Sunstone inspires the nurturing of self in order to be of service to others. It restores the enjoyment of life, good nature and provides a sense of abundance. [Hall, 283] Read More…

    The Centerpiece also has a luminous golden specimen of natural Amber. Amber is fossilized Tree-Blood and carries the memory and energy of the tree people as well as the sun’s energy. It’s full of aliveness and create energy that compliments the sunstone beautifully.

    Carnelian is an ancient and widely revered gemstone throughout the world. Carnelian captivates. Its bold energy brings a rush of warmth and joy that lingers, stimulating and empowering. Known as a stone of motivation and endurance, leadership and courage, Carnelians have protected and inspired throughout history.

    The triad of these 3 energizing gemstones create a thrilling effect…and the intricacy of the silver work brings it all together in one amazing power necklace! It’s neck-size is approx. 16 inches and can be adjusted to suit upon request. For further detail and to see in live streaming video, please contact the artist. Thank You!!



  • Spider Woman Medicine ~ Garnet and Ammonite


    One-of-a-kind handmade crafted in sterling silver and imbued with good medicine. This unique Spider Medicine Necklace carries the wisdom of the ancients and a prayer for decisive action and proactive creativity. This piece reminds us to take action, move forward with clarity and wisdom. And to assume an active and conscious role in the weaving of our lives and our individual and collective destiny. The primary gemstone in this power necklace is Garnet.

    “Garnet is found the world over, and though commonly known to be red, it is in fact found in a variety of colors and chemical formulas, each with its own set of spiritual properties. [Simmons, 165] Legends and folklore place garnet among the most ancient of talismans. Not only was it prized as an ornamental jewel, but its strong curative powers and protective energies made it invaluable.

    Garnet is also known for its utilization of creative energy. It grounds spirit forces within the body and helps in the ability to work lovingly on the physical plane. [Raphell, 156, 162] [Simmons, 166] Yet Garnet is a sensual stone. It represents primordial fire, the creation of the world out of chaos, purification and love. It is a stone of strong, intense feelings. [Megemont, 87]”

    Garnet also represents the Blood, Life Force and Strength. The power of Spider Medicine and Garnet enhance each other’s activation of the wearer’s creative focus and personal power. The center of this power necklace has a fiery little ammonite fossil with a garnet set in the center of it. Ammonites are typically over 100 million years old and are the predecessor to the nautilus. She carries wisdom and timelessness of the sacred spiral. A “memory mineral”.

    The beads on this necklace also include black pearl as well as garnet square-cut beads that are particularly interesting. The necklace has 2 length options and will fit most nicely. The piece is on th lighter side and very comfortable for everyday enjoyment. The lower spider element is free-hanging and has great movement. Please feel free to contact me to see this piece in live streaming video for further detail and sizing info. Wear in good health!



  • Window to the Soul ~ Fluorite, Amethyst, Labradorite


    This stunning unisex statement piece is Truly a Window to the Soul. The multi-colored hues of greens and violets in the large Fluorite hexagon are echoed and complemented by a series of corresponding gemstones below: Directly beneath there is an incredible Labradorite containing an astounds spectrum of color including the greens and purples. This stone is the EYE of the piece. The “seer” that peers into the multi-faceted expansiveness of the hexagon “window”. Next the third eye activator, Amethyst triangle awaken us to another level of perceptiveness and intuitive understanding. Then finally, a sweet luminous milky-green emerald ties it all together with its connection to the middle earth beings of the fairy and elven kin-doms and plant life.

    In addition to amethyst and fluorite beads, this necklace is strung with Chrysoprase as well, connecting with the specific green of the emerald drop at the bottom of the arrangement. This piece has much, much more to share when it has a chance to percolate more deeply with its future owner, I can tell. If you’d like to see this piece more detail in real time streaming video, don’t hesitate to call 831-600-5013.

    Sizing is potentially adjustable upon request. Approx 17 inches in length around the neck. Wear in good medicine!

    Thank You,

    Angela Blessing


  • Light upon the Sea~Turquoise and Ivory Shell Goddess Necklace


    TITLE: Sacred Waters ~ Hand-crafted and one-of-a-kind, this goddess necklace is a beautiful summery symphony of vibrant turquoises and creams. I felt this turquoise had both the feeling of crystal clear waters and a cloud sending the blessings of rain with hanging droplets of chrysicholla and adventurine with a dramatic centerpiece of a genuine sea shell cross-sectioned to expose its delicate intricacies. One the sea-shell centerpiece is a perfectly appointed opal that further celebrated the rainbow interplay of watery rainbow hues.

    This sacred necklace is a prayer for the replenishment and plentitude of our Earth’s Sacred Waters and for a thriving Mother Ocean, teeming with Life. There is one gorgeous creamy Coin Pearl to bring in more ocean energy and to honor the Goddess in us all. The beads I’ve chosen are citrine, aquamarine and larimar. I’ve set these stones simply in sterling silver to allow the natural interplay of color and organic shapes to be center stage.

    You will truly feel like a goddess wearing this beautiful summer-solstice inspired power piece. Please see corresponding video for further detail and sizing info. Necklace is approx 17″ long around the inner diameter. Centerpiece hangs about 4″ long.

    Wear in good medicine,

    Angela Blessing

  • Vision Speaks~Reversible Bear Claw Power Necklace


    TITLE: Walking with the Elders ~ This is an absolutely one-of-a-kind deep medicine piece that feels to me, both powerful and shamanic, but also playful and luminous. Its commands presence, yet also beckons closer the discerning admirer to its intricacies, color and light.

    On the side with Stars: We have the 7 stars all linked together; The Seven Sisters which is the Pleiades Star System. In many Native American cosmologies this is considered the star system from which our Ancestors came. Each star has a luminous high quality turquoise at its center (Sleeping Beauty Mine) which for me, represents the star-seed that is the lineage of the People.

    The Bear Claws come from the Northern American-Canadian Border and were traded by the modern day Ojibwe folks living and hunting there. Bear Medicine is heart medicine. It is the wisdom of the Grandmothers and Grandfathers, the Elders. Bear is a messenger through dream-time, and can help as a spirit guide in our personal healing and our work as healers in the community or on a planetary level. Deep Wisdom. Listen to the Elders. Respect.

    On the back side of this reversible medicine piece are a series of gorgeous blue apatite leading to a central mandala radiating in the Four Sacred Directions, with a Fluorites radiating in each mid-point as well. Apatite is known for enhancing mental clarity and cognitive functioning. The Fluorite placed here is powerful for not holding onto negative energy so its keeping the potency of  your intellectual clarity at optimal functioning and free of unnecessary internal chatter. The amethyst in the center of the mandala is here to activate the 3rd Eye Vision, serving to inspire your focus and work in the world or inner explorations.

    If this piece resonates with you, I do look forward to meeting you someday. Please see corresponding video for further detail and sizing.

    Wear in Good Health and Magical Adventures,

    Angela Blessing



  • Expanded Conciousness~Tanzanite, Topaz, Opal and Rutille Star Necklace


    TITLE: Celebration ~ This playful, magical power necklace celebrates so many sweet elements of Nature. The precious gemstone Tanzanite’s color is a magnetic hue of violet blue and is both soothing an energizing in its effect. White Topaz is considered very auspicious in Love. Purrr! And the gorgeous faceted rutile quartz here says something powerful about clarity in creating wealth and prosperity. The beautiful opal hanging from the topaz reminds us that underneath all the synchronicities and small miracles of life is the Great Mystery at work. Guiding us into a deeper unfolding of who we truly are.

    Wear this one-of-a-kind handcrafted necklace as a reminder that we are born of Stars. That we share a sacred place of honor and responsibility in this incredible circle of life. That all we need, and all that we dream is indeed possible…and that the Universe is conspiring for our success. Boundless Love and Community is your birthright and destiny. Fresh Ideas, Inspiration, and Leadership are your gifts. This piece will remind you that compassion and mutual support some of your most powerful guiding principals. And that the vision that lights you up on the inside is the vision that can transform worlds.\

    Shine on beautiful star! Create, Include, and Uplift!

    Please see corresponding video for further detail and sizing. Thank You!

    ~ Angela Blessing

  • Goddess Necklace w Aquamarine, Blue Topaz, Kyanite, and Crystal


    Title: The Shimmering Stars

    Breathtakingly beautiful, angelic and sublime, this hand-crafted, absolutely one-of-a-kind goddess power piece has everything a lunar-powered queen could want. I love how the gemstones in this piece are simultaneously subtle and striking in their soft colors and magical shimmer. The masterfully faceted AAA quartz in the center of this piece draws you in to its sparkling geometries in heart-opening splendor.

    The sweet butterfly dangling from the centerpiece brings the power of transformation and emerging beauty. She reminds us of the constant force of evolution and becoming. In her center is a lovely opal full of colorful rainbows representing that all growth, evolution and change emerge from the Oneness, the Source, the Great Mystery found within our sacred center.

    All along this necklace are the soft starry glow of compellingly luminous hand-faceted Aquamarine, and from each hangs an even more shimmery Kyanite drop. The Kyanite have rays of chitoiance that radiate their light-filled moonbeams down to the Earth and out to Creation, in the spirit of loving generosity and blessing.

    She is a shimmering queen, she is a lunar goddess. She is gifted with the gentle power of femininity and beauty and freely shares the warmth of her energy and love. This medicine piece helps remind us:

    I am created from the stars and the luminosity of Love itself. I source from an inner well of spiritual and creative energy that glows with a rainbow of possibilities for myself and this wonderous world. I AM Beauty and I AM Light.

    Please see corresponding video for further detail and sizing.

    Enjoy in JOY,

    Angela Blessing