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  • Multidimensional-REVERSIBLE Labradorite and Amber Crystal Pendant


    This unique, handmade reversible crystal pendant immediately creates a feeling groundedness. On one side we have a labradorite in the center of a radial matrix. These are ideas and projects flowing out from a multidimensional mind. A being who isn’t satisfied unless engaged in multifaceted creative projects, and able to express the myriad of facets his soul has to explore and create from.

    I see the crystal, in its precise form, as an anchor for all this multidimensional activity and expression. Adding clarity, stability and connection to the earth.

    On the opposite side, we have a rare and especially beautiful Sumatran Amber. Sumptuouse in its honey colored glow, and keeping you connected with the ancient wisdom of the trees, and the mysterious alchemy of sun and earth, this crystallized tree-blood.

    This sacred jewelry piece supports you to move through the world, creating magnificent things from the center of your own, crystal clear, radial matrix while listening and staying open to the guidance of the trees and the natural world around you. It is there you will find your greatest inspiration and your most important work. Rock on, multidimensional human creatrix!

    Can be worn on a chain or neckring, sold separately. Call me with any questions. Thank you!

  • Tantric Embrace ~ REVERSIBLE Pendant w Entwined Serpents and Labradorite


    A mystical work of jewelry art for a Man or Woman: This dramatic specimen of Madagascar Labradorite is the main attraction on the one side of this hand-crafted one-of-a-kind pendant. Luminous and mysterious, Labradorite is known as Merlin’s stone and is one of my personal favorites that harmonizes nicely with many energies beautifully, inspiring artistic expression and mystical awareness of the unseen worlds.

    The opposite side of this reversible pendant, are 2 serpents entwined, a symbol of Tantric Alchemy, Lovers in Union, or the interplay of the Masculine and Feminine. I’ve illustrated the rising energy of the chakras with a series of corresponding colored gemstones: Starting with Ruby, Fire Opal, Citrine, Peridot, Blue Opal, Amethyst, and a Crown of Carved Aquamarine that almost Clear. Its really an incredible Piece. And Substantial, measuring at about 4 inches in length.

    The piece is definitely unisex, and can be worn on as chain or neck-ring, sold separately. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or to see the piece in live streaming video for further detail. Thank you!

  • Window to the Soul ~ Fluorite, Amethyst, Labradorite


    This stunning unisex statement piece is Truly a Window to the Soul. The multi-colored hues of greens and violets in the large Fluorite hexagon are echoed and complemented by a series of corresponding gemstones below: Directly beneath there is an incredible Labradorite containing an astounds spectrum of color including the greens and purples. This stone is the EYE of the piece. The “seer” that peers into the multi-faceted expansiveness of the hexagon “window”. Next the third eye activator, Amethyst triangle awaken us to another level of perceptiveness and intuitive understanding. Then finally, a sweet luminous milky-green emerald ties it all together with its connection to the middle earth beings of the fairy and elven kin-doms and plant life.

    In addition to amethyst and fluorite beads, this necklace is strung with Chrysoprase as well, connecting with the specific green of the emerald drop at the bottom of the arrangement. This piece has much, much more to share when it has a chance to percolate more deeply with its future owner, I can tell. If you’d like to see this piece more detail in real time streaming video, don’t hesitate to call 831-600-5013.

    Sizing is potentially adjustable upon request. Approx 17 inches in length around the neck. Wear in good medicine!

    Thank You,

    Angela Blessing


  • Fossil Ivory Tusk Pendant with Ammonite, Citrine, and Hessonite Garnet for Men or Women


    Title: Rooted

    This super earthy and masculine one-of-a-kind pendant was inspired by the uncanny match a discovered between the two fossils. Notice that unusual woody, almost bark-like texture in the brown. It looks so soft and earthy, yet comes from two very different places and species. I loved how they blended and complimented each other in form so well in this simple composition.

    I set a faceted citrine in the center of the fossil to represent the heart of gold that the owner of this piece has. On the reverse side I have chosen a luminous hessonite garnet of the highest quality to enhance their health and vitality as well as energize the root chakra.

    Wear this piece in honor of the ancient wisdom it holds within and enjoy the soul-satisfying groundedness. You are the earth wisdom. You are the mountain. You are both king and shaman within.



  • Medicine Wheel Necklace w/ Turquoise, Azurite and Emerald


    TITLE: Call to All Nations ` This powerful shamanic jewelry piece is a prayer for the Earth and all her peoples. Its a call to all to come into Harmony, Balance and Unity and to share in the deep wisdom and power of the Earth. Turquoise grounds this composition of medicine stones into the Earth as they hang down from the Medicine Wheel like prayer feathers of stone. The Azurite at the top of the piece I find incredibly touching as it seems to immediately open my heart into a feeling of infinite sky or space. You just get drawn right into it. And it seems perfectly placed at the top representing sky and the turquoise below, the Earth.

    The energy and power of the Medicine wheel is a vast topic onto itself. She is the representation of the universe working in Harmony, of the 4-drections, of the Circle of Life.

    The center of the medicine wheel (which is represented by green traditionally) has a round faceted emerald and that position in the wheel is know as the sacred center, the self, the center of consciousness or creation. I love that this space is being held by my favorite elven gemstone with its gorgeous green healing energy.

    The beads I’ve chosen here are turquoise (mostly in groups of 4) and azurite with some lovely bench-made sterling silver beads. The beading is approximately 18″ long and fits most well. Very comfortable with lots of movement. Let me know if you have any questions! Thank you.

    Wear in Good Medicine,

    Angela Blessing

  • Intuition


    This REVERSIBLE  Lynx Claw talisman has the both the animal totem and gemstones of higher intuition. This piece is a reminder to trust your instinct in all facets of your life! The Faceted golden labradorite reminds us that there are many sides and perspectives to everything, and it may not all be what meets the eye on the first assessment. Look closely, follow your gut.

    Pendant can be worn on a chain or neckring, sold separately. Please see corresponding video for further detail and sizing info before purchasing. Thank you!


    Angela Blessing

  • Aliveness


    This simple and earthy talisman is alive with golden light and ancient tree amber. Carnelian is the staple gemstone of many ancient cultures for strengthening the constitution and bringing energy to the root and sexual chakras. The Hummingbird is the harbinger of Joy. Enjoy this special piece.

    Pendant is great for a man or woman and can be worn on a chain or neckring, sold separately. Please see corresponding video for further detail and sizing information. Thank you!


    Angela Blessing

  • Exploring the Depths


    This REVERSIBLE one-of-a-kind Oceanic Sea Turtle pendant can be worn by a man or woman. The one side has a very cool black ammonite fossil and a hand-cut chrysoprase that has an amazingly delicious watery green glow to it. The ammonite is a sacred spiral and carries the medicine of the phi ratio; the mathematical equation in which all life grows and flourishes. Its also a spiral circling inwardly, a reminder to practice intentional self-inquiry, exploring into your own watery depths. The sea turtle dives deep into the medicine of this amulet as well, featured on the reverse side of the piece under a beautiful fossil coral with astounding detail. Slow down and take a breath. Take in the moment. Look within. More of yourself is here, now. Welcome.

    This unique, handcrafted pendant can be worn on a chain or neckring, sold separately. Please see corresponding video for further details and sizing info before purchasing. Thank you!


    Angela Blessing

  • Bring on the Green


    One-of-a-kind: This handcrafted handsome suit pin can be worn along the top of your breast pocket and adds a dapper flair to any ensemble. Created for dressier occasions when you want a special touch, the energy of this scared jewelry is for attracting wealth in alignment with your personal power and your growing edge. With its earthy gold and green tones, you'll bring the energy of creativity and abundance to your work and pleasure world.

    Featuring a gorgeous interplay of color between Green turquoise, green tsavarite garnet and the golden hued freshwater pearls. Pin with catch on backside. Please see corresponding video for further detail and sizing info before purchasing. Enjoy!


    Angela Blessing

  • The Unexpected


    Handcrafted and completely one-of-a-kind, this pendant would be great on a man as well as a woman. Remember to expect the unexpected when you wear this piece that invites utter magic and synchronicity. Be in the flow and fascinated with this labradorite's stunning array of colors that change and glow. There's more than meets the eye…

    Can be worn on a chain or neckring, sold separately. Please see corresponding video for further detail and sizing information before purchasing. Thank you!




  • Guardian


    This bracelet has a powerful presence and can be worn by a man or woman, though the size is for a larger bone structure. With the sacred spiral at the center of these 4 medicine wheels, this piece is an energetic and spiritual guardian for the wearer…bringing the presence and blessing of the 4 Directions and the Phi Ratio within the Ammonite Fossil, the geometry of all living growth. Be empowered and fortified with spiritual strength when wearing this unique hand-crafted medicine piece!

    Length is nearly 8″ long with heavy duty hook clasp. Please see corresponding video for further detail and sizing information before purchasing.


    Angela Blessing


  • Rainbow Phoenix~Gemstone Power Necklace


    This is an astounding art jewelry piece featuring the archetypal phoenix flying upward toward the sun in full radiance! There is a rainbow of gemstones bejewelling this stunning work of art including a rainbow ammolite in the center of the Phoenix, blue-green sapphire, peridot, and citrine all on the mythic bird. The Sun's center is golden labradorite with sun-rays studded w hessonite garnet radiating outward. There is Fire. There are spirals.And a LOT of powerful juju!

    I created this piece out of a vision in ceremony during a time of my life wrought with intense transition and change…and all for the better. This piece and the phoenix are remonders that we must shed the old to make way for new possibility and aliveness. Reach for the sun! Reach for the stars! Live BIG…

    The beads on this piece are alternating Hematite, Amber and Pearls…offering grounding and life-force energy to the wearer and finished with a ornate toggle clasp. Neck Sizing is 16″ though  the Centerpiece itself makes the length significantly longer. Think breastplate! Please see corresponding short video for further detail and sizing information before purchasing!


    Angela Blessing