I adore this necklace as it connects me to the depth and mysteries of the oceans and the medicine of water. The beauty of the sacred spiral as a living fossil represents expansion and fluidity with no beginning and no end. The strands of pearls are exquisite and unique in color and shape. When I wear this gorgeous creation by Angela, I feel deeply connected to the earth as a living and dying presence, creation and destruction. It carries a deep energetic wisdom and beauty that is both raw and elegant. A deep bow to its creator, thank you Angela.

Doriena Wolf


Angela’s true creative gift is the ability to combine the  creativity and grace of spirit with the beauty and goodness of the natural world .. In an alchemy, that any person looking for a truly original  piece … Would be delighted to give or wear

Jessica Britt

Meditation Teacher and Therapist

I’m so glad I asked Angela to make a necklace for my wedding.  The whole process was enjoyable–from the first brainstorming session to the finished piece.  And it turned out to be so much more than a piece of jewelry.  It is a piece of creative collaboration that resonates with the beauty and generosity of spirit of Angela herself.  I remember when I tried it on for the first time, I thought it was “too much”… but in fact it was Just Right.  Just Right not only for my wedding day, but a piece I wear for rites of passage of all kinds.  It’s got power!  I’ll treasure it for years to come

Susie Kavanaugh-Ramaekers

Occupational Therapist

I purchased two of Angela Blessing’s extraordinary pieces one is a ring and the other a beautiful bracelet. I wear the ring nearly every day it is one of my staple pieces. I don’t go out without it on. I took it to a jeweler to get it cleaned and the jeweler was very surprised at the incredible quality of the design. One thing I love about Angela’s pieces is they are one of a kind. They remind me how unique and special I am.

Michelle Melendez

CEO, Women Getting Fit

I first encountered Angela’s work when she was still living in the Santa Fe area.  I fell in love with one of her early two-sided claw pieces and couldn’t stand to leave it behind, even though at the time it was a major financial stretch for me.  I had put on the necklace “just to see” and when another woman asked to try it, I nearly slapped her hand away.  That was the beginning of an appreciation that has lasted through five more necklaces*, a pair of earrings, and a ring — and each time I look at Angela’s work as it continues to evolve and develop I find more to love.

Angela’s singular gift is to create work that has independent beauty and power, but which also enhances the beauty and power of the wearer.  Her necklaces elicit more comments from strangers than anything else I own; people literally stop me on the street to ask about the pieces and to find out more about the artist.  I think that Angela channels a unique alchemy that distills her profound aesthetic and spiritual gifts and embeds them in her work so that they radiate out to for all to see.

Dana Harrison

CFO, Ridhwan Spiritual School

I have admired Angela’s power necklaces for years so for my 45th birthday, I commissioned her to make a gorgeous, custom piece just for me. The collaboration process was methodical but easy. Angela was great at asking the right questions to help elicit what was going to be right for me and she is also very intuitive so she had a working design in no time. She checked in with me all along the way to make sure I loved the direction it was going. To say I adore my necklace is an understatement. It’s truly a work of art and I feel and look like a queen when I wear it.

Rikki Kiefer

Oakland, CA

Not only is Angela Blessing’s jewelry Eye-catching, for me it’s also a conversation piece and a Sacred amulet. I have two necklaces and I will cherish them forever. Her work crosses the sphere of earth, sky, and water into mystical etheric realms. Everything she makes gives a feeling of power and depth. When I wear my Angela Blessing pieces I prepare myself to have a magical day.


Sacred Sexuality Educator


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