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  • Garden of Joy- Hummingbird Opal Pendant


    This one-of-a-kind handcrafted pendant represents joyful nature unfolding before our eyes! In the Garden of Joy pendant you’ll find a rainbow of faceted gemstones accenting the incredible Blue Australian Opal centerpiece, such as emerald, ruby, Labradorite, blue topaz and amethyst, all playing off the rainbow “fire within this complex and gorgeous opal. Tendrils unfurl amongst blossoms and nectarous beauty is sipped by Hummingbird, known to indigenous peoples to be the harbinger of joy.

    This piece is truly a celebration of life, your garden of delight, and with that stunning opal in the middle of it all, an object of value and luxury as well.

    Pendant is 3 and 1/4 inches long and can be worn on

  • Orange Garnet Ring ~ Follow the Sun

    This gorgeous stone will keep you gazing and enjoying whenever you wear her, The silver work has fine detail on the fancy prong bezel while the band has a beautiful image of a mountain range meeting sky.

    The medicine of this ring is to celebrate and enhance the sexual/sensual union of the masculine and feminine, The color orange energizes the second chakra which is the sexual energy center according to ancient yogic practices. The image of the mother earth and father sky meeting speak to holy union of the sacred elements in native teachings. Our spiritual work is truly activated within the union and harmony of the masculine and feminine energies.

    So I celebrate this within ourselves and within our relationships. I celebrate your power, your pleasure, your completeness. Ring is a size 7.

  • The Water Tree~Tree of Life Pendant with Opal, Emerald, Chrysoprase, Turquoise


    The Tree of Life is a powerful universal symbol of healing and abundance. The tree teaches us about unconditional love and our connection and interdependence within the circle of Life. In this hand-crafted one-of-a-kind pendant I am bringing in the element of water with the Opal and Chrysoprase and Turquoise droplets to celebrate the poetic dance of Life between the trees and the sacred waters. The emerald in the center of this piece represents rebirth and life force energy. The opal above represents the infinite universe of possibility and mystery.

    We have so much to learn form the trees and this is a prayer to stand in that ancient wisdom and receive.  Let the spirit of Tree guide your actions to be that of a Sacred Steward. Protector of the Sacred Waters of Life, and one who offers sustenance, warmth and shelter to those in need. In wearing this special medicine piece, let it be a reminder of just how rich we are in opportunity to serve and participate in something big and wonderful and connected. To be alive in this particular moment in time with all the gifts and resources we have to offer to the causes that are dearest to our heart. You are powerfully YOU in this incredible Circle of Life. And I bow to your greatness.

    Please see corresponding video for further detail and sizing. Can be worn on a chain or neckring. Please call with nay questions!

    Thank you,

    Angela Blessing

  • An Elegant Mystery-REVERSIBLE Bird, Rose Pendant w Turqiouse, Opal, and Ruby


    This gorgeous petite little gem of a pendant really is a story yet to unfold. Like a woman, she is a deep and profound mystery. I enjoy just looking to the sky the earth at this piece and letting the imagery capture and inspire my imagination.

    On the one side I see the blossomimg turquoise rose, symbolizing, to me, the flowering soul, the opening heart. In the center of the circle of life.

    On the opposite side, there is the bird in flight, reminding me of a soul stretching her wings, exploring, enjoying, being glorious and surrounded by natural beauty; leaves, the moon and the infinite mysteries of interplay of water and light and rainbows seen within this opal. In the birds heart-center is the sweet deep pink sparkle of a beautiful faceted ruby.

    the perfect gift to oneself as a reminder to keep being the sacred beauty that only you can be. Let your heart blossom in the knowing you are a glorious and elegant mystery. Soaring and sharing your radiance with all of Creation.

    This pendant can be worn on a chain or neckring, sold separately. See product video for further detail and sizing. Call me with any question, thank you!

  • Warmth and Passion~REVERSIBLE Citrine Crystal Pendant w Sunstone and Amethyst


    The sparklingly stunning sunstone one-of-a-kind reversible pendant compliments an extraordinary citrine crystal with rare rainbow features within. Energizing and invigorating sunstone and citrine will activate your inner fires and engage the power of your personal WILL. Let the intuition-enhancing spiritual qualities of these gorgeous AAA African amethyst guide the direction of your will and actions in a mystical synergy of intuitive listening and sacred activism. Receive the wisdom of the “violet flame” and bring your powerful contributions to the world with grace and ease. The celtic cross in this composition represent the infinite potential of life force energy in alignment with spirit. Follow your inner guidance, love, and action when your heart moves you to! The world needs your GIFTS.

    This pendant is suitable for both men and women. Wear on a chain or neckring sold separately. See corresponding video for further detail and sizing. Call me with any questions! Thank you, Angela Blessing



  • Bliss~ Heart with Wings Reversible Pendant


    This darling reversible pendant is brimming with sweet medicine and potent prayers for Love, Happiness and Freedom. The power of the gemstone Ruby is accentuated with two spirals representing the generous flow of heart-based connection, while the incredible Larimar on the reverse side of the pendant is a celestial soul journey of upliftment and heavenly bliss. I’ve accented this extraordinary stone with the playful sparkle of an ample faceted Aquamarine. This is an absolutely one-of-a-kind piece of art jewelry and I hope you’ll enjoy and share your beauty in it for decades to come…

    Please contact me with any questions or to view this pendant in real time by streaming video. Neck-rings or chains sold separately.

  • Listening~Reversible Ammonite and Aquamarine Pendant


    TITLE: Listening ~ Reversible Pendant with Aquamarine, Ammonite Fossil, and Sumatran Amber. One-of-a-kind, handcrafted in sterling silver. This unique nature-themed pendant has the beloved sea turtle swimming amongst spirals and stone with some gorgeous pieces of faceted aquamarine representing the cool, cleansing, clarity of water. The watery stone is both luminous and glittery, but the sea turtle in her wisdom navigates with focus through the ever-changing currants.

    One the reverse side we have two “memory minerals”; one being the ammonite fossil which are typically over 100 million years old and are the fossil of the ancient predecessor to the nautilus. The other is a beautiful and alluring multi-colored amber from Sumatra. Amber is fossilized tree-blood, so it also carries the memory of ancient beings- tree people that lived long, long ago.

    The piece is a gentle reminder to slow down and listen. Listen to the precious wisdom in the symphony of nature. Drop down deep into that timeless river of knowing to truly know yourself and all the power that lies within. You are PURE MAGIC UNFOLDING.

    Please see corresponding video for further detail and sizing. Pendant can be worn on chain or neck-ring, sold separately or mage into a custom necklace we design together. Enjoy!

    Thank you,

    Angela Blessing


  • Uprising~Handmade Phoenix Pendant with Hessonite Garnet


    TITLE: Rising in to the Light ~ Handcrafted, one-of-a-kind, Phoenix Pendant can be worn as a necklace talisman as a symbol of Rebirth and Regeneration. The Phoenix here, with is center stone of fiery orange-red (AAA Hessonite Garnet) arises from the flames in to the light of an incredibly luminous deluxe faceted Champagne Quartz. The gemstone is echoed in the design through a series of unusual 5-point faceted pentagons all along the tops of the Phoenix’s wings.  The pentagon has also been known to represent the design of the human body, so I love that this composition tells a story of humanity rising for the ashes on the wings of a Phoenix! (you gotta love that). Under the Hessonite Garnet on the mythical bird, is a brilliant egg-shaped topaz, further celebrating the idea of new life and the infinite creativity of the Universe.

    This phoenix pendant is both powerful and beautiful. Her story calls you in…and her medicine is timeless. I was creating this as a meditation to clear all stagnant energy for my visioning process and allowing a fresh flow of ideas and creativity to enter into my work. The day this pendant was born, I got a new understudy who has been a great help to me…especially with keeping the energy moving forward and opening new doors. I started a cleanse soon thereafter which has helped my energy levels and focus immensely. I believe in the power of these ancient symbols and the earth-medicine of these gemstones the effect real change in one’s life.

    Wear this power symbol in times of transition or loss, when new aliveness and inspiration is needed, or when you just want to rock the POWER OF THE PHOENIX!

    Please see corresponding video for further detail and sizing information. Can be worn on a chain or neckring, sold separately. Thank you!

    ~ Angela Blessing

  • Expanded Conciousness~Tanzanite, Topaz, Opal and Rutille Star Necklace


    TITLE: Celebration ~ This playful, magical power necklace celebrates so many sweet elements of Nature. The precious gemstone Tanzanite’s color is a magnetic hue of violet blue and is both soothing an energizing in its effect. White Topaz is considered very auspicious in Love. Purrr! And the gorgeous faceted rutile quartz here says something powerful about clarity in creating wealth and prosperity. The beautiful opal hanging from the topaz reminds us that underneath all the synchronicities and small miracles of life is the Great Mystery at work. Guiding us into a deeper unfolding of who we truly are.

    Wear this one-of-a-kind handcrafted necklace as a reminder that we are born of Stars. That we share a sacred place of honor and responsibility in this incredible circle of life. That all we need, and all that we dream is indeed possible…and that the Universe is conspiring for our success. Boundless Love and Community is your birthright and destiny. Fresh Ideas, Inspiration, and Leadership are your gifts. This piece will remind you that compassion and mutual support some of your most powerful guiding principals. And that the vision that lights you up on the inside is the vision that can transform worlds.\

    Shine on beautiful star! Create, Include, and Uplift!

    Please see corresponding video for further detail and sizing. Thank You!

    ~ Angela Blessing

  • Green Chrysoprase Ring with Leaf Setting in Silver


    TITLE: Forest Fairy ~ Hand-crafted sterling silver ring with forest theme and detailed leaf setting accentuate this vibrant green chrysoprase. Bring a feel of aliveness and nature to your day as you wear and enjoy this special medicine piece with the peaceful harmonizing energy of the forest and green chrysoprase.  Ring size is just under 5 and 1/2

  • Angel Pendant w Moonstone, Aquamarine and Blue Topaz


    Title: Welcoming the Light

    A highly unique and visually intriguing piece that speaks to your heart and spirit. I’ve chosen a very  luminous rainbow moonstone to be the soul-center of this piece and have accented with a pale aquamarine and deep blue topaz.

    This handmade one-of-a-kind silver pendant is a medicine piece carrying the energies of Truth, Balance, Peace, and Magnanimity. She is a goddess that is highly attunes to her emotions (represented by moonstone), which are big and full and multi-dimensional(represented by rainbow colors within), while holding the myriad of experiences within a perspective of balance and wholeness (2 spirals on either side of the aquamarine). She refines and examines her feelings through a process of self-reflection(moonstone) and a highly developed personal awareness. The energy she shares and radiates is one of Peace, Magnanimity and Love (represented by the wings tipped with blue topaz). The Deep Blue Topaz at the bottom further grounds the state of Inner Peace and Balance within.

    This is a very special power amulet to be worn as a talisman in helping to temper floods of uncontrolled emotions that can be potentially harmful to personal and business relationships. And helps assist in the gentle processing within and the wisdom and perspective gained when one accepts responsibility for ones own emotional experience versus projecting and taking things personally. This reminds us that people are always doing the best they can. Bring more love and self-love to every challenging situation and take it show. Give time to let in the Light, the Truth and the Wisdom.

    Can be worn on a chain or neck-ring, sold separately. Please see corresponding product video for further detail and sizing information. Thank you!


    Angela Blessing

  • Goddess Necklace w Aquamarine, Blue Topaz, Kyanite, and Crystal


    Title: The Shimmering Stars

    Breathtakingly beautiful, angelic and sublime, this hand-crafted, absolutely one-of-a-kind goddess power piece has everything a lunar-powered queen could want. I love how the gemstones in this piece are simultaneously subtle and striking in their soft colors and magical shimmer. The masterfully faceted AAA quartz in the center of this piece draws you in to its sparkling geometries in heart-opening splendor.

    The sweet butterfly dangling from the centerpiece brings the power of transformation and emerging beauty. She reminds us of the constant force of evolution and becoming. In her center is a lovely opal full of colorful rainbows representing that all growth, evolution and change emerge from the Oneness, the Source, the Great Mystery found within our sacred center.

    All along this necklace are the soft starry glow of compellingly luminous hand-faceted Aquamarine, and from each hangs an even more shimmery Kyanite drop. The Kyanite have rays of chitoiance that radiate their light-filled moonbeams down to the Earth and out to Creation, in the spirit of loving generosity and blessing.

    She is a shimmering queen, she is a lunar goddess. She is gifted with the gentle power of femininity and beauty and freely shares the warmth of her energy and love. This medicine piece helps remind us:

    I am created from the stars and the luminosity of Love itself. I source from an inner well of spiritual and creative energy that glows with a rainbow of possibilities for myself and this wonderous world. I AM Beauty and I AM Light.

    Please see corresponding video for further detail and sizing.

    Enjoy in JOY,

    Angela Blessing