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  • Expanded Conciousness~Tanzanite, Topaz, Opal and Rutille Star Necklace


    TITLE: Celebration ~ This playful, magical power necklace celebrates so many sweet elements of Nature. The precious gemstone Tanzanite’s color is a magnetic hue of violet blue and is both soothing an energizing in its effect. White Topaz is considered very auspicious in Love. Purrr! And the gorgeous faceted rutile quartz here says something powerful about clarity in creating wealth and prosperity. The beautiful opal hanging from the topaz reminds us that underneath all the synchronicities and small miracles of life is the Great Mystery at work. Guiding us into a deeper unfolding of who we truly are.

    Wear this one-of-a-kind handcrafted necklace as a reminder that we are born of Stars. That we share a sacred place of honor and responsibility in this incredible circle of life. That all we need, and all that we dream is indeed possible…and that the Universe is conspiring for our success. Boundless Love and Community is your birthright and destiny. Fresh Ideas, Inspiration, and Leadership are your gifts. This piece will remind you that compassion and mutual support some of your most powerful guiding principals. And that the vision that lights you up on the inside is the vision that can transform worlds.\

    Shine on beautiful star! Create, Include, and Uplift!

    Please see corresponding video for further detail and sizing. Thank You!

    ~ Angela Blessing

  • Visions of the Deep


    Incredibly unique, completely reversible large Fossil Whale Tooth pendant with some big juju. The medicine of this Talisman is assisting in tapping in to the Collective Consciousness for the purpose of being a creative agent of change, collective healing and evolution, and tribal leadership. The colors of the rainbow are a reminder to stay open-minded and see things from a range of perspectives. The whale medicine is about parental devotion, communication, and the strength of a gentle giant. Whale medicine also assists as intelligence and intuition in working with others. They are the keepers of history, ancient ones of the deep and allies to humanity.

    The EYE image prevailing in this piece, again, helps with seeing a multitude of viewpoints, enabling greater problem solving, creative solutions and conflict resolution. The wearer of this talisman cares deeply about his or her community and is in service to collective evolution and healing. The turquoise on the reversible side helps to keep you grounded and in touch with balancing earth energies for your work in the world and personal healing.

    This pendant can be worn on a longer chain, probably not a choker since it wants to move and twirl. Men or Women. Please see corresponding video for further detail and sizing information before purchasing.


    Angela Blessing

    A powerful talisman for a man or woman. Can be worn on a long chain ideally. Please see product video for further detail and information before purchasing. Thank you!


    Angela Blessing


  • Vision Dream


    This powerful medicine piece is a vision to behold! This genuine one-of-a-kind double bear claw amulet is deeply rooted in Native American wisdom healing properties. Where to begin! I will share my impressions with you as they come, but know this piece will have its own teachings and story to share when you wear it and feel its energy…

    The Turquoise is a very special specimen that was personal brought over by a Tibetan friend from Nepal who offered my a handful of choice pieces to make some scared jewelry with. This turquoise is still in its natural formation, which simultaneously reminds me of multiple earth, sky and water. Its stunning and rich in color. Turquoise is super grounding and balancing: an indigenous peoples staple in sacred adornment throughout the world. The Bear claws are from the Ojibwe region and sustainably harvested by the native peoples there in traditional protocols.

    I’ve got the Medicine Wheel at the top of this piece to honor the fact that the path of these Earth-based teachings is the over-arching principal to a good spiritual life. The eagle is a bringer of sacred vision and the bear rules the dream world. The oaktree branches laden with acorns celebrate abundance and sustenance from the earth. There’s a spiral between the claws and a star at the center of both the eagle and the medicine wheel representing the center of consciousness. Your center. Powerful and grounded in its receiving of the vision and the teaching of this Earth Wisdom.

    This is a large pendant that can be work on a chain or neck ring that has a smaller clasp that is no bigger than 3 x 7 mm. Please see corresponding video for further detail and sizing information before purchasing. Chain or neckring sold separately.



  • Goddess of the Open Sea


    This is an incredibly gorgeous one-of-a-kind piece, and one of my all-time favorites. It feels amazing on with the smooth shapely drape of sea-foam green chrysoprase and pearls perfectly placed for a custom fit. The detail of the silverwork on this necklace is something I am really proud of. The hand-carved aquamarine and blue chalcedony accented with that violet blue iolite. And the ammonite in the center…wow. You rarely see such pearlescence in a fossil like this. I’ve accented the colors with gemstones to echo them in the surrounding metalwork, such as pink ruby, amethyst and ioite, as well as spirals ever-present.

    Necksize is approximately 18″ and finished with a custom hook clasp. Please see corresponding video for further detail and sizing information…

    This goddess power piece is most certainly a celebration of the Mother Ocean and made for a mermaid queen who can rock it! It is Opulence, Rare Beauty and Sacred Presence. I could say more, but the piece really speaks for itself. The owner of this is truly fortunate and of impeccable taste. Enjoy in joy!


    Angela Blessing

  • Rainmaker


    This piece was created during some very unexpected and beautiful summer thunderstorms in our central coast here in the Santa Cruz mountains a few years back. The natural-formation turquoise was brought here by a Tibetan friend and is absolutely stunning and incredible color. Appearing very much like a cloud, I've surrounded it with raindrops and spiral thunder beings to further celebrate this sacred much-needed rain.This piece is colorful and earthy with a bit of traditional southwest native american silversmith style. Beading is amethyst, flourite and turquoise with a toggle clasp.

    This piece has a lot of sensuous movement to it with all those danglies! Its a prayer for rain and all the growth and abundance and pleasure that comes with it. Shower yourself in color and beauty!

    Neck Sizing is approximately 18″. Please see corresponding video for further detail and sizing information before purchasing.Thank you!

    Angela Blessing

  • Heart of the Mother


    This is a beautiful piece people have been falling in love with…my favorite part is that the heart is shaped from the natural fractal structure of an ammonite fossil interior. Its so righteous. I love that it says, “Love is an endless journey that takes you deep deep inside…as deep as you want to go.”

    The colors in this piece are oh so gorgeous as well…autumnal and golden tones with the amber and hessonite garnets and earthy soft oranges in the fossil coral. Very honey-caramel colored Ammonite centerpiece. The beading is all citrine heishi plus carved leaves in citrine to remind us of our growing nature…sunny, warm, and totally connected to the earth. Please see corresponding video for further detail and sizing info before purchasing. Thank you!

    Angela Blessing

  • Wheels of Dharma


    This incredible necklace features both 18k gold and sterling silver in an intriguing collage of wheels of dharma in motion. Inspired after a 10-day long Vipassana meditation retreat and desire to create art that represented the constant aspect of Change and points of life in a constant state of creation in the moment. The Gold and Silver combination brings balance to the masculine and feminine nature. The Opal represent the infinite unknown and depth of the cosmos. Beads in ruby, quartz, pink tourmaline and gold beads with gold hook and eye clasp. Neck Sizing is approximately 18″. Please see short corresponding video for further details and sizing information.

    Angela Blessing

  • Honey of the Heart


    Citrine Petals and a heart of Star Ruby in the lovely ode to summertime love and nature. Honeybee and hearts in silver. Accent stones of amethyst and pink tourmaline. Beads are freshwater pearl, faceted citrine, and flourite with hook and eye clasp. Neck Size just under 16″. Please see short video for further detail and sizing information before purchasing. Thank you!

    Angela Blessing

  • Priestess of the Spring


    This elegant one-of-a-kind power necklace has an alluring combination of deep blue labradorite and gorgeous square faceted smokey quarts alternating up the neck, with a carved smokey quartz leaf hanging from the centerpiece. Spirals crafted in silver from the watery depths of the center stone representing the healing energy of water. The Spirals set around the smokey quartz represent the 4-directions.

    Please see corresponding video for further detail and sizing info before purchasing. Thank you…

    Angela Blessing

    Labradorite and Smokey Quartz…beading with kyanite and smokey quartz with custom toggle clasp. From the Harbin Hot Springs Tribute Collection. Approx 17″ neck size. Please watch short video for further details and sizing information before purchasing!

  • Heat Lightening


    This sexy contemporary piece features a gorgeous rainbow of color in the central ammolite gemstone and in accented with the warm amber-colored reds of the point-faceted garnets. Details in the silver reveal an alternating pattern of heat and energy rising and highlighted with 3 spirals. Beading with freshwater pearls abs garnet with handmade hook and eye clasp. Approximate inner neck size is 16″. Please watch short video presentation of piece before purchasing for further details and sizing. Thank You!

    Angela Blessing

  • Sekhmet Goddess


    This truly is an exceptional and powerful Animal Totem piece. This stunning, one-of-a-kind necklace has a golden hued Mountain Lion Claw and a series of hand-polished Fossil Walrus Ivory around both sides alternating with small faceted Citrine. It it crafted beautifully and perfectly to curve around the neck in a collar-style fit and coming in to a potent centerpiece presenting two beautiful blue opaque-faceted Sapphires, faceted Citrine, a golden triangular Labradorite, and an amazingly gorgeous Blue Star Sapphire over the claw setting. Wow. Seriously powerful medicine piece. The beading consists of greenish golden freshwater Pearls and chunky faceted Citrine with a toggle clasp. Necklace inner circumference is approximately 16 and 1/2”. Length can be adjusted to your needs.

    Energy: Dropping in with this particular power piece actually invokes a state of awe. It is quite dear to me as I created it during my pregnancy with my first child in 2014. I can’t help but think of Mother Energy…a Den Mother with Her cubs, Her clan, Her tribal community. This piece is for lion-hearted leadership. And for calling upon the wisdom of the Ancestors, the wisdom of Nature and the Great Spirit to open the way. The central Star Sapphire reminds us to invoke the ancient sacred powers in our everyday work in the world…and to direct our energy in to our Life’s Purpose with clear intent and focus. The Lioness reminds us to fiercely protect what is dear to us by protecting our time and mental/emotional focus from wasteful distractions and other peoples agendas that don’t serve our highest purpose.

    This piece says: I have an infinite capacity for love and limitless potential, and I CHOOSE to focus on what my heart and my wisdom is leading me to do at this time. I inspire my community to rise to the challenges of this world with wisdom, will and action in alignment. I am Den Mother Lioness for her People. Loving Powerful Leadership.

    Please see video for further detail and sizing info. Contact me if you need anything special.


    Angela Blessing


  • Dragonfly Goddess


    This 2-sided, fully reversible power necklace depicts the beautiful form of a Dragonfly Goddess. Her dark side combines the soft iridescence of black coin Pearls, purple, pink, blue, and silver in their hues, with Smokey Quartz and dark african Amethyst and a titanium iridescent druzy quartz. The silver work is delicate complex geometries. On her alternate side the center is a deep red juicy ruby with 2 perfect faceted quartz and carved Mother of Pearl in the shape of wind currents. The beads are alternating sculpted Flourite and Black Pearls, with Amethyst and a toggle clasp. Necklace Circumference is approximately 18”. Length can be adjusted to your needs.

    Energy: The Dragonfly is the one who travels between the veils of the worlds. Traversing the seen and unseen realms. She can be found always near fresh running water and plays near the surface. Reflecting. Beckoning. The druzy quartz’s mysterious crevasse lined with tiny micro-crystals is an invitation the explore the unknown. Leave no stone unturned as you enter into your inner sanctum of self. Allow your inquiries to be deeply guided by intuition, asking and allowing. Letting the flow of truth and awareness permeate your consciousness. Invite the elements of air and water to assist your process; talk with a wise friend, journal, articulate while you allow yourself to fully experience any and all emotions that emerge.

    This piece says: I am gloriously radiant. I bring the understanding of worlds seen and unseen. I dance in the music of the clear running streams and rivers, in prayer for clarity and balance. My guidance is ever-present and within. My Emotional and Spiritual Life are one.


    Angela Blessing