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  • Oceana Goddess-Mother of Pearl, Turquoise


    A stunning and powerful necklace that has been blessed and initiated within an all-day water fasting ceremony of women’s prayer and song and storytelling on the shoreline of the Pacific. On the Autumnal Equinox with a circle of dedicated medicine/wisdom keepers and water protectors.

    I created this piece as one in a series of sacred jewelry honoring water and those committed to the healing and protection. This is a sacred circle. I have the dolphin and her baby under the great eye of Mother of Pearl between 2 spirals moving in opposite directions, representing the sentience of our non-human allies, the universal love of a mother for her children, and as a reminder to protect these magnificent and intelligent creatures.

    The pearls have a purity and cleansing quality, the turquoise, grounding and expansive; like having your energy rooted into the earth while taking in the vastness of the sky.

    I could go on and on about this piece, as it has special significance as a medicine piece and earth prayer. All that aside, its incredibly GORGEOUS! Feel the water flow and potent goddess energy of the ocean through this exquisite handmade silver art jewelry.

    Necklace is approximately 16 inches and wear close to the neck. can be adjust to suit neck size. Please contact me with any questions or custom work inquiries.

    Wear in good medicine,

    Angela Blessing

  • The Seer-REVESIBLE Anasazi Pottery Shard Pendant


    This exceptional pendant is reversible, allowing the wearer to enjoy 2 distinctly different designs with a unifying theme of remembering our Ancestors. The one side has a genuine pottery shard of Anasazi origin, likely of the Chaco culture. Above it, I have places an “all seeing” eye of star dioptase, whose center star catches the light and moves, representing the eye of our ancestors, watching over us, loving us, and guiding us through our challenging times.

    The opposite side has a beautifully mysterious deep blue Labradorite, and a skull as in Day of the Dead on which we remember an honor those who have passed. There is a single garnet below the skull signifying the one blood, the ancestral blood at the root of our human family.

    This is an interesting piece, full of homage and history, memories and story. What journeys does it have yet to unfold? Where will you take it on your soul path?

    Yes, we remember you, Grandmother and Grandfathers. Ancient Ones. We are listening…

    For men or women. Can be worn on a chain or neck-ring. Pendant is just under 3 inches long. Please contact me with any questions or custom requests.


    Angela Blessing

  • Kiss of Isis-Star Ruby Bracelet


    This beautifully hand-crafted art jewelry piece celebrates the flow and interplay of masculine and feminine energies to either side the pink-red-purplish glow of this star ruby!

    This is a fantastic LOVE amulet and can help navigate the changing phases of committed love. Reminding us that LOVE is always at the center and we each keep coming back to our individual center while staying connected to the love we share.

    Medium size for women. About 2 and 3/4 inches across wrist width. Please contact me with any questions or custom inquiries.


  • Garden of Joy- Hummingbird Opal Pendant


    This one-of-a-kind handcrafted pendant represents joyful nature unfolding before our eyes! In the Garden of Joy pendant you’ll find a rainbow of faceted gemstones accenting the incredible Blue Australian Opal centerpiece, such as emerald, ruby, Labradorite, blue topaz and amethyst, all playing off the rainbow “fire within this complex and gorgeous opal. Tendrils unfurl amongst blossoms and nectarous beauty is sipped by Hummingbird, known to indigenous peoples to be the harbinger of joy.

    This piece is truly a celebration of life, your garden of delight, and with that stunning opal in the middle of it all, an object of value and luxury as well.

    Pendant is 3 and 1/4 inches long and can be worn on

  • “Turning Tides” Larimar and Moonstone Pendant


    This is an ocean-lovers amulet, a song of the sea. An ode to the beautiful and the feminine. She is of the water, she is of the moon. A celebration of movement of feeling and the ever-changing tides.

    This piece is also a reminder of the POWER of change and a PRAYER for the sacred waters of the earth. Take in the visual beauty of these aquatic gemstones with their watery depths and their shimmery lunar light. Remember that You ARE that. Magic. Movement. Change. Power.

    Sacred Waters, we will protect you. Stand with Me. Stand with Her.

    This piece is about 3 inches long and can be worn on a chain or neck-ring, sold separately. Please contact me with any questions or custom work inquiries. All pieces are hand-crafted in Santa Cruz, from Sterling silver and genuine materials.

    Wear in Good Medicine,

    Angela Blessing

  • Wolf Claw Pendant w Opal, Emerald, Garnet


    A potent talisman for community leaders or heads of family, with the added medicine of water magic and protection (opal) as well as the regenerative properties of emerald. Hummingbird brings joy and lightness and teaches a path of swift and mindful solutions. Wolf medicine teaches how to accomplish bigger and stronger by working together. Unified. Eyes on the Prize.

    The two faceted garnets on top are a reminder to connect with both feet to the Mother Earth as you move through the world and feel your ROOT. The stars and moon remind us to breathe in the sky with open expansiveness, letting in the power of possibility and CHANGE.

    Wolf Claw Pendant is approx. 1 3/4 inch long and artist hand-crafted from sterling silver and genuine materials in Santa Cruz, California. Please contact me with any questions or custom requests.


    Angela Blessing

  • Labradorite Necklace ~ The Goddess Awakens


    The Goddess Awakens is a regal and hauntingly beautiful power piece in its elegant simplicity. I’ve chosen the most beautiful blue-green Labradorite gemstones in my collection to create a composition of lustrous chitoiance and glimmer. Then strung with alternating deepest blue Labradorite and gorgeous green chrysoprase beads.

    I’ve accented these peacock blue stones with infinity spirals to represent the unending renewal of energy. The truth of our ever-changing world and our own consciousness. The opportunity to rebirth ourselves at any moment. After all, the Universe is doing it all the time. And we ARE that. Doors close and new doors open, flowers bloom and fade away, seeds take root. We are part of this magnificent circle of life and we can claim the power of peace in the acceptance of change.

    I fantasize about a woman receiving this as a gift a being absolutely touched in the fact that she knows she is seen for the queen she is. You will never know how magnificent this piece is until you see it on. Truly Stunning. Its made for an average to slim neck but can easily be lengthened to suit. Please contact me with any questions.

  • Orange Garnet Ring ~ Follow the Sun

    This gorgeous stone will keep you gazing and enjoying whenever you wear her, The silver work has fine detail on the fancy prong bezel while the band has a beautiful image of a mountain range meeting sky.

    The medicine of this ring is to celebrate and enhance the sexual/sensual union of the masculine and feminine, The color orange energizes the second chakra which is the sexual energy center according to ancient yogic practices. The image of the mother earth and father sky meeting speak to holy union of the sacred elements in native teachings. Our spiritual work is truly activated within the union and harmony of the masculine and feminine energies.

    So I celebrate this within ourselves and within our relationships. I celebrate your power, your pleasure, your completeness. Ring is a size 7.

  • Ghost Dance


    This piece is no longer available, but I can create a custom power piece for you. Please contact me! Thanks, Angela Blessing

  • Inner Alchemy~Butterfly Necklace w Smokey Quartz, Garnet, and Labradorite


    This beautifully feminine one-of-a-kind handmade butterfly necklace is magnificent with sparkle and depth. Like a woman, her depth will draw you in, so that her elegance and grace might be admired more closely. And that is exactly what this totem of transformation, the Butterfly will do. Draw you into deeper self reflection and inquiry. This piece is a reminder to go ahead and ponder and appreciate all the beautiful qualities that make you special, perfectly imperfect, strong or brilliant, wounded or bitchy…and LOVE them all.

    Its time to examine and embrace ALL of your parts. Notice them. Appreciate them. Love them like you love the innocence of a child. Just be with the totality of you-ness. And watch how the abiding grace of our own healing impulse and capacity for growth lead you through another, and yet another doorway of transformation.

    This journey is a walk of beauty and of remembrance as you deliberately and lovingly weave your chrysalis of self reflection. Then in your perfect time, in your unique way, enjoy all the ways you have freed yourself to live more fully and be even more of who you are. The world, this vast circle of Life needs you soaring in your courage and empowerment. Be the CHANGE, baby!

    Necklace is approx. 16.5 inches long inner measurement. Please see corresponding video for further detail and sizing. Please call with any questions! Thank you, Angela Blessing

  • The Water Tree~Tree of Life Pendant with Opal, Emerald, Chrysoprase, Turquoise


    The Tree of Life is a powerful universal symbol of healing and abundance. The tree teaches us about unconditional love and our connection and interdependence within the circle of Life. In this hand-crafted one-of-a-kind pendant I am bringing in the element of water with the Opal and Chrysoprase and Turquoise droplets to celebrate the poetic dance of Life between the trees and the sacred waters. The emerald in the center of this piece represents rebirth and life force energy. The opal above represents the infinite universe of possibility and mystery.

    We have so much to learn form the trees and this is a prayer to stand in that ancient wisdom and receive.  Let the spirit of Tree guide your actions to be that of a Sacred Steward. Protector of the Sacred Waters of Life, and one who offers sustenance, warmth and shelter to those in need. In wearing this special medicine piece, let it be a reminder of just how rich we are in opportunity to serve and participate in something big and wonderful and connected. To be alive in this particular moment in time with all the gifts and resources we have to offer to the causes that are dearest to our heart. You are powerfully YOU in this incredible Circle of Life. And I bow to your greatness.

    Please see corresponding video for further detail and sizing. Can be worn on a chain or neckring. Please call with nay questions!

    Thank you,

    Angela Blessing

  • The Dance~Blue Star Sapphire Medallion Pendant


    This enchanting one-of-a-kind star sapphire medallion depicts a flurry of swallows in flight. The soft blue glow of the gemstone in this piece has an exquisite allure of mystery and has a rich history of uses by royalty and religion. ” Today Sapphire is still a Stone of Wisdom, a royal stone of learning, mental acuity and psychic activation, a seeker after spiritual truth. Its pure Blue Ray brings order and healing to the mind, lending strength and focus, and an ability to see beneath surface appearances to underlying truths and to utilize that knowledge. It stimulates the Throat and Third Eye Chakras, allowing one to access deeper levels of consciousness in order to gain a fuller understanding of self. Associated with the planet Saturn, Blue Sapphire embraces order, structure, and self-discipline, and is ideal for accomplishing goals and manifesting ideas into form. Sapphire’s power to transmute negative thoughts and energy also makes it highly effective for earth and chakra healing. [Hall, 253][Ahsian, 340][Simmons, 339]

    Wear with chain or neckring, sold separately. See corresponding video for further detail and sizing. Call me with any questions! Thank you, Angela Blessing