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  • Goddess Necklace with Pearls, Fossil Coral and Pink Chalcedony


    Title: Love Story

    This incredibly feminine handmade power piece is kissed by the moon and dripping with love. She is ecstatic in her heart aglow. This is a necklace for a shimmering queen, a lover of romance and a lunar goddess.

    Each iridescent taupe and pink and golden hued coin pearl is a representation of the blessed full moon, and each is overflowing with the luscious nectar of people in love. In the center on top is fossil coral to call in longevity and depth into the sacred marriage of masculine and feminine. Beneath the fossil is a ruby to call in integrity, strength and respect to the sacred union to oneself or another.

    Currently the sizing of the necklace itself is on the petite side but can easily be lengthened if needed depending on if you would like to wear it more as a choker or if you prefer a looser fit. Please let me know how I can make it perfect for you. Matching earring are sold separately.

    Enjoy in JOY,


  • Drop Earrings w Iridescent Pearls and Pink Chalcedony


    Title: Fairy Tails

    These gorgeously sweet earrings have a post back and beautiful sterling silver detail surrounding a subtle play of pastel hues between the large coin pearl and pink faceted chalcedony drop. Feel absolutely lovely and feminine in this special ensemble, necklace sold separately.

  • Turquoise Medicine Wheel Earrings


    TITLE: Protection and Wisdom ~ As the title describes, these earrings carry the medicine of Wisdom and Protection. The energy and power of the Medicine wheel is a vast topic onto itself. She is the representation of the universe working in Harmony, of the 4-drections, of the Circle of Life.

    Turquoise is a mainstay stone of balance of most indigenous people as well as the Native Americans. So much power and harmonious energies in the se creations. Enjoy!

    Please see corresponding video for further detail and sizing info before purchasing. Thank you!

    Angela Blessing

  • Goddess of the Moon


    This astounding, one-of-a-kind, absolutely EPIC piece has a fully detachable multi-strand pearl and crystal torso section that is incredibly sexy and unique. Can be worn over clothes or over lingerie and skin! Amazing… must see to believe.

    Please view product video to see further details and sizing info. Thank you!


    Angela Blessing

  • Touched


    This is an unusual piece, even for me. Slightly contemporary, yet tribal. Neutral color palette will look gorgeous on any skin tone. I created this piece in a very experimental mood, I wnated to see these two stones in a layered design and be playful in how I connected them. Originally it was to hang off the bottom of a large tree medallion with a bear tooth talisman hanging off the bottom. All those other elements ended up having other fates, but this is a stunning stand-alone necklace when worn on a neckring, which is included in the price.

    This pendant is wonderfully expressive and has a subtle loop at the bottom on which you might be inclined to hang your own talisman as you wish! Feel and enjoy this creation that has been on a journey with me as its creator…and continue playing with and adding to it as central part of your sacred jewelry collection.

    Please see corresponding video for further details and sizing info before purchasing. Thank you!



  • Spirit Rock


    Handcrafted sterling silver earring with gorgeous hand-cut leopard print jasper. Love the energy radiating form these stones in the silver wire work? Made to accompany Adventuring Spirit Pendant in the Nature Collection. Please see corresponding video for further detail and sizing information! Thank You!

    Angela BLessing

  • Adventuring Soul


    The fully reversible pendant can be worn on a chain or neckring. The Horse image dashing joyfully is a reminder to take risks, have new adventures and savor your experiences fully! The leopard print jasper is hand-cut in our studio and is gorgeously details concentric circles of earthy tones. Feathers, stars…the skies the limit to all the joy you can have here on earth!

    The other side of this piece has green turquoise with a very cool design that reminds me of DNA circling and evolving in relationship to the green earthiness of the turquoise. A reminder to  reference the natural world for balance and re-learning how to be human. This piece has matching earrings sold separately. Please see corresponding video for further detail and sizing info before purchasing!


    Angela Blessing

  • Goddess of the Open Sea


    This is an incredibly gorgeous one-of-a-kind piece, and one of my all-time favorites. It feels amazing on with the smooth shapely drape of sea-foam green chrysoprase and pearls perfectly placed for a custom fit. The detail of the silverwork on this necklace is something I am really proud of. The hand-carved aquamarine and blue chalcedony accented with that violet blue iolite. And the ammonite in the center…wow. You rarely see such pearlescence in a fossil like this. I’ve accented the colors with gemstones to echo them in the surrounding metalwork, such as pink ruby, amethyst and ioite, as well as spirals ever-present.

    Necksize is approximately 18″ and finished with a custom hook clasp. Please see corresponding video for further detail and sizing information…

    This goddess power piece is most certainly a celebration of the Mother Ocean and made for a mermaid queen who can rock it! It is Opulence, Rare Beauty and Sacred Presence. I could say more, but the piece really speaks for itself. The owner of this is truly fortunate and of impeccable taste. Enjoy in joy!


    Angela Blessing