With its flashing colors and brilliance, the opal certainly has a beguiling and hypnotic quality.

Trapped beneath its surface is a dazzling display of rainbow colors caught by the light and sparkling when set in motion.

The opal inspires love and hope, and brings joy to whomever wears it.

The healing qualities of opal for children

The opal is known as the ‘eye stone’ because it can centre the mind and help soothe nightmares. This is especially important for children who have restless sleep patterns.

It can bring about happier dreams for children when placed close to their bed.

As well, the opal can also dispel any negative thoughts a child might have with an imaginary friend that is causing them distress and whose presence is upsetting at bedtime.

The opal is the stone of protection

Be bedazzled and beguiled by the beauty of the opal

The beauty of the opal in it raw state.

The opal has the power to reduce the effect of depression and brooding and, instead, helps lift the wearer’s spirit and harnesses positive thoughts.

The opal is formed by microscopic silica spheres bonding with water and other minerals. It has no definite structure and over time, the silica seeped into the minute cracks and veins of sedimentary rock. When the water evaporated, the opal was left.

It is this process of combining and absorbing materials to produce dramatic effects which gives the opal the power to absorb negative energies and emit joyfulness instead.

Going a step beyond this, the opal can help shield one from the negative thoughts of others, protecting the wearer from harm.

It promotes a sense of calmness, contentment, ease and security.

Combing the energy of the Mother Goddess

The opal is known as the Queen of Stones because of its brilliant colors.

It is also known as the Mother Goddess because it offers the gift of protection to all mothers even before they give birth.

It negates the anxieties of those wishing to conceive at one end of the spectrum and those suffering from empty nest syndrome at the other end.

Wearing a piece of handcrafted jewelry which contains an opal will ensure that this stunning stone aids your inner goddess to care and protect your loved ones.