Path of Healing~Reversible Double Bear Claw Pendant


Path of Healing is a one-of-a-kind medicine talisman for your deep soul journey. These bear claws are from Ojibwe Territory in the Norther Minnesota region. Bear Medicine is about restoring balance and harmony, and is considered the Great Healer, with deep spiritual power and physical strength. She is a vision dreamer, one who regenerates in solitude, and navigates via the Heart. Bear Spirit is a powerful ally in types of heart-break, difficult transitions, and health challenges. Feel her strength and be renewed with her power and presence.

The ancient pre-Columbian Aztec hand-carved skull bead featured on the first side reminds of the process of inner inquiry, to be the observer of one’s self, seeking to know and understand. It represents the Human Condition and our unique collective and individual evolution of consciousness. Above the human skull is a golden orb, almost moon-like or sun-like that speaks to a higher guidance, a guiding light, a perspective of oneness. Perhaps a higher ideal to aspire to.

On the reverse side of this handcrafted double bear claw pendant, is a diamond-shaped luminous green Chrysoprase, emanating a heart-chakra-activating hue of verdant green, alive and vital with healing energy. Underneath the Chrysoprase diamond is a round faceted emerald, matching the aliveness and tone of that green vibration of healing an re-birth.

This magical shamanic amulet can be a powerful ally for both your own healing journey as well as in assisting with others’ processes. This piece measures about 3.5 inches long and probably wants to be worn on a long chain or leather at the heart center. Chains sold seperately.  Please contact me directly with questions or for custom orders.

Wear in Good Medicine,

Angela Blessing

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