The overall power of turquoise is its ability to help us forgive and accept ourselves for who we are. It allows us to let go of useless and inhibiting regrets, and opens our minds, souls and hearts to honoring ourselves and a unique and divine creation.

Turquoise brings mental and physical strength to the wearer. It aids with overcoming exhaustion, depression and even panic attacks.

It does this by enhances the immune systems, both physical and psychic because it helps with the absorption of trace nutrients which may infect the body’s system.

It also has an anti-inflammatory and detoxing benefit as it aids with the reduction of acidity. This helps in the diseases of gout, rheumatism and illnesses involved with the stomach, including digestion.

How can turquoise bring balance to one’s life? turquiose-2

Turquoise can help bring balance and poise to the wearer as it calms and realigns the brain, eyes, ears, neck and throat. It also aids in headaches and migraines.

For these benefits to be truly felt, turquoise should be worn as a choker so it sits on the path of good breathing and respiration.

If worn on the Throat Chakra, turquoise will release inhibitions and anything that is holding you back.

It overcomes shyness making it easier to articulate the deep wisdom which dwells within us all.

Turquoise removes negative energy

This healing stone dispels negative energy and removes any electromagnetic interference wherever it goes.

Where turquoise to aid in your own empowerment and healing; gain the wisdom and power of your own voice and; dispel negative and power-sucking energy.

Turquoise frees up the soul’s ability to express itself and allows you to explore past lives if you wish.

On the whole, turquoise is the stone of truth where one can find a sense of wholeness and an acceptance of one’s fate as a journey which is reliant on daily actions.