When creating handcrafted, unique pieces of jewelry it is important to use gemstones that evoke a sense of awe and wonder.

Labradorite is one such stone.

Its blue crystal energy allows power from the throat chakra to flow and energize the rest of the body.

Wearing Labradorite in a piece of jewelry will unblock the energy from the other chakras and allow them to flow and communicate.

Labradorite is the stone that brings balance into our hectic world.

When the throat chakra is open we are free to express our emotions, our ideas and thoughts.

It allows us to become wiser through this expression and creates a flow of energy around and within the body, linking it to the spirit.

This stunning stone is referred to as the “temple of the stars” because it is thought to bring light from other planetary bodies to the wearer.

Labradorite brings the power of other worlds

The power of other worlds

Labradorite comes in many different shades of blue. The darker tones carry the power of truth and honesty. The lighter shades represent flexibility, balance and have a calming effect.

When Labradorite contains iridescent colors of the rainbow, it has the power of linking and uniting all the chakras.

This is referred to as Labradorescence and is believed to have been formed not on this Earth, but on other worlds.

When the lights reflect and bounce off its iridescence, the Labradorite is said to bring powerful energies from extra-terrestrial bodies.

When you choose to wear a one-off, unique style of jewelry that has a Labradorite stone set in it, your spiritual energy is able to delve into deeper places and search for greater knowledge and power.

It helps us move between the worlds and transition between realms and our own timeline. It has the power to bring a great deal of good into the life of the wearer.

If you feel that someone is draining your spiritual and physical energy, Labradorite will protect your energy and prevent it being leaked away.