Handcrafted Reversible Tree Necklace w Labradorite, Black Pearl, Emerald, Smokey Quartz and Butterfly


Title: The Inner Jewel

This one-of-a-kind handmade necklace is truly a special piece of Power Jewelry that can be enjoyed in your casual moments as well as your most elegant evening attire. She has a special story to share about letting go a letting God. About the incredible spiritual and emotional growth that takes place when we allow ourselves to take a look into our shadow. She reminds us that in the center is a jewel that glows with such aliveness and beauty that all MUST transform in the light of her TRUTH.

On the picture-story side of this piece I have depicted a great unfurling Tree that grows form the sparkling depth of a black opal, representing the beauty, depth and power hidden in our shadow and the potential growth of doing our shadow work. Her growth is held and blessed in LOVE (represented by the heart in the tree)  In the middle is the small but gloriously green faceted emerald held in the center of the Four Sacred Directions. Hanging below is another black opal representing, again, the shadow, and the Butterfly (representing TRANSFORMATION) is holding up this shadow to the Light of INNER TRUTH.

The Labradorite side of this piece furthers this medicine of looking into, self-reflecting and inquiry into our inner selves. The facets that are revealed when the light of awareness is shone upon something we may have been trying to avoid, illuminates such a strength and beauty. That ultimately, we are further encouraged to continue our deeper inquiry into self with an unwavering compassionate acceptance and loving embrace.

Please let me know if you have any further questions about this beautiful work of art and healing medicine. And stay tuned for a product video for further details and sizing info.


Angela Blessing


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