Medicine Wheel Necklace w/ Turquoise, Azurite and Emerald


TITLE: Call to All Nations ` This powerful shamanic jewelry piece is a prayer for the Earth and all her peoples. Its a call to all to come into Harmony, Balance and Unity and to share in the deep wisdom and power of the Earth. Turquoise grounds this composition of medicine stones into the Earth as they hang down from the Medicine Wheel like prayer feathers of stone. The Azurite at the top of the piece I find incredibly touching as it seems to immediately open my heart into a feeling of infinite sky or space. You just get drawn right into it. And it seems perfectly placed at the top representing sky and the turquoise below, the Earth.

The energy and power of the Medicine wheel is a vast topic onto itself. She is the representation of the universe working in Harmony, of the 4-drections, of the Circle of Life.

The center of the medicine wheel (which is represented by green traditionally) has a round faceted emerald and that position in the wheel is know as the sacred center, the self, the center of consciousness or creation. I love that this space is being held by my favorite elven gemstone with its gorgeous green healing energy.

The beads I’ve chosen here are turquoise (mostly in groups of 4) and azurite with some lovely bench-made sterling silver beads. The beading is approximately 18″ long and fits most well. Very comfortable with lots of movement.┬áLet me know if you have any questions! Thank you.

Wear in Good Medicine,

Angela Blessing

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