Earth Walk~Fossil Ivory, Labradorite Skull Pendant


This piece is a meditation on the Human Condition (represented by the aztec skull bead) and the unique, and intense place we find ourselves, in the Autumn Equinox of 2020. The Duality of the mind, the divisiveness of our country, the emotionally-charged choices we face as a civilization and species. The 2 crescent moons represent the many choices, they also represent the possibility of understanding both(or many) sides of a perspective. They might also represent the human condition of flip-flopping between ideas, possibilities, and directions….perhaps to the point of overwhelm or inaction.

In this medicine-story piece, the antidote is the spiral pyritized fossil in the heart position. This invites us to go INWARD (black pyrite), and listen to a hearts, or center, our own inner compass. The Labradorite teardrops coming down from the spiral heart-center represents the lucid inspiration and guidance that can come forth from the inward journey.The rainbows of color represent the infinite possibilities and beauty that our hearts know is possible.This colorful doorways is presenced both above the skull (human consciousness) and below (our actions/guidance).

This shamanic talisman, imbued with the ancient magic of the past, is an invitation to stay connected to ones inner Source and heart-center, and to resist the distractions of divisive chaos, fear and destructive narratives. Trust in the ancient ways and universal truths that connect us all. In La’Kesh

This piece measures just over 4 inches long and 2.25 inches wide at moon crescents. Neckrings, leather cord, or chains are sold separately. Please contact me directly with any questions or custom inquiries.

Wear in Good Medicine,

Angela Blessing,



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