Fearless ~ Fossil Shark Tooth Power Necklace w Labradorite


This powerful totem piece says “power and purpose”. Shark medicine is about knowing what you want and fearlessly pursuing it. I have tempered the voracity of shark medicine with the magical insightful visionary powers of Blue Labradorite.  This medicine piece is to empower visionary projects and ideas, and help the wearer keep laser-like focus and confidence in his or her manifesting capabilities. The Spirals circle around, much like the sharks themselves, surrounding their pursuit with intention and courage.

Necklace is strung with ancient, authentic and collectable, pre-Columbian beads that have each been hand carved out of a beautiful creamy-colored agate. They are from central America, and carry deep medicine themselves, coming form a time long ago where indigenous ways and spirit medicine were revered and held sacred in daily life. No doubt each bead was rendered with prayers for the wearer, and each beads swirly agate reminds me of how hundreds of years later, the destinies of you and they are somehow intertwined…

The beaded necklace length is approx. 18 plus inches and can be resized to suit your needs.

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