Smile~Morganite Silver Ring Size 8


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This luminous peachy hued stone is set with its whimsical radiating design in sterling silver will bring an warm, uplifting, heart-opening energy to your day whenever you look at it. This luscious Morganite emanates a heart healing vibration, energizing the lungs, assisting in the releasing of grief, and staying in a space of self-love.The star reminds that YOU ARE A STAR! I love rings because they are really a gift to ourselves, and perfect for relishing our own enjoyment in plain view on our hands. In Chinese medicine, the heart meridian flows down the arms into the hands form the heart, that why things can be “made with love” so beautifully and hugs, and hand squeezes feel so darn good. 🙂

This ring is a size 8 and crafted with a comfortable heavy rounded silver band. Its feels amaaaazing on. Please feel free to call me with any questions.

Wear in Good Medicine,

Angela Bessing