The Deepest Truth ~ Garnet and Ruby Heart Pendant


This handcrafted silver heart pendant represents that journey within to the deeper layers of authenticity and self-discovery that’s possible when the Beloved is there holding space for our process. To be held in presence and empathy, without judgement, is one of the greatest gifts of love we can give and some of the deepest healing we can receive.

I’ve chosen the to use gemstones with differing hues of red to represent the subtle qualities of heart spaces; The round gem garnet to the upper left represents the conscious compassionate observer and space-holder, creating the textured field of love and safe container. The deep darker red garnet represents the inner heart, our vulnerable (sometimes more hidden), and most precious places deep within that we find our truth and our healing. The beautiful deep hot pink ruby dripping down represents the rebirthed heart, more vibrant, more alive, more able to shine brightly and sensuously. She is the product of the inquiry, the empathy, the healing processes, the openings and transformation.

I hope this sweet love talisman reminds you of the beautiful process of heart-healing that awaits your willingness and courage. This pendant is about 2 inches long, and the neck ring is sold separately. Please contact me directly with any questions or custom jewelry design requests.

Wear in Good Medicine,

Angela Blessing

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