The Dreaming Tree


This very special medicine piece is truly a celebration of the Tree People. On the front side a beautiful natural cut amber with deep red rivulets inside the golden depths. This amber is the blood of the tree, preserved. The organic energy of sunlight converted into this incredible material we get to wear and enjoy. I’ve crafted three dangles with faceted garnet and citrine to echo the colors inside the amber. It’s big and beautiful and pure goddess.

On the reverse side is a sweet image of a elder winter tree crafted in sterling with a crescent moon in the distance as well as a faceted ruby, representing Mercury, the messenger of the gods. Dripping down is the green energy of Tsavarite garnets and green turquoise.

This piece could be a reminder to spend some quality time with your favorite tree elder. Be open to the messages you receive. This piece carries the tranquility and wisdom of the trees and the life force energy of the sun. A prayer for growth, for peace, and for reaching down deep through your roots for sustenance to be tall and strong in your work, and tall and strong in your faith.

This piece can be worn on a strand of beads, chain or neckring (sold separately,) and actually has an open shank than can fit just about any necklace. Please see corresponding video for further details and sizing information before purchasing! Enjoy in good medicine…


Angela Blessing

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