Goddess Necklace w Aquamarine, Blue Topaz, Kyanite, and Crystal


Title: The Shimmering Stars

Breathtakingly beautiful, angelic and sublime, this hand-crafted, absolutely one-of-a-kind goddess power piece has everything a lunar-powered queen could want. I love how the gemstones in this piece are simultaneously subtle and striking in their soft colors and magical shimmer. The masterfully faceted AAA quartz in the center of this piece draws you in to its sparkling geometries in heart-opening splendor.

The sweet butterfly dangling from the centerpiece brings the power of transformation and emerging beauty. She reminds us of the constant force of evolution and becoming. In her center is a lovely opal full of colorful rainbows representing that all growth, evolution and change emerge from the Oneness, the Source, the Great Mystery found within our sacred center.

All along this necklace are the soft starry glow of compellingly luminous hand-faceted Aquamarine, and from each hangs an even more shimmery Kyanite drop. The Kyanite have rays of chitoiance that radiate their light-filled moonbeams down to the Earth and out to Creation, in the spirit of loving generosity and blessing.

She is a shimmering queen, she is a lunar goddess. She is gifted with the gentle power of femininity and beauty and freely shares the warmth of her energy and love. This medicine piece helps remind us:

I am created from the stars and the luminosity of Love itself. I source from an inner well of spiritual and creative energy that glows with a rainbow of possibilities for myself and this wonderous world. I AM Beauty and I AM Light.

Please see corresponding video for further detail and sizing.

Enjoy in JOY,

Angela Blessing

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