Unconditional Love


Unconditional Love, Christ REVERSIBLE Cross Pendant. A magical version of a classic symbol, this sacred amulet  holds a special energy for the Heart and the Spirit of Kindness and Goodwill.

Within the choices of stones and design, there are many references to Christ as a Mystic Archetype; Sunstone radiates form a center of Ruby and silver details in groups of three. And the Rhodochrosite heart on the reverse side so clearly representing love, and the Butterflies symbolize the Transformative nature of Unconditional Love.

Can be worn on a chain or neck ring, sold separately. Please see corresponding video for further detail and sizing info before purchasing. Thank you!

Angela Blessing

This piece is for a person ready to walk the Path of Love and in Service to Love. The mauve colored sparkly stone under the mandala is Lapidolite, a lithium ore to help you keep your spirits light and ward off any depression and mood swings while you move through the world doing this important work.

Another interesting note: Though I would hardly call this piece flawed, I did notice that a single silver ball had disappeared at some point in the finishing process but it went unnoticed until now! I take this as another lesson in uncondional love…nobody's perfect, right? If you love this piece, I've already discounted it $150 but you'll honestly barely notice… enjoy in joy!

This pendant can be worn on most chains and neckrings but be mindful of them having a clasp %mm or smaller to fit through this pendant's ring. Neckrings or chains sold separately. Please see corresponding video for further details and sizing information before purchasing!


Angela Blessing

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