Vision Dream


This powerful medicine piece is a vision to behold! This genuine one-of-a-kind double bear claw amulet is deeply rooted in Native American wisdom healing properties. Where to begin! I will share my impressions with you as they come, but know this piece will have its own teachings and story to share when you wear it and feel its energy…

The Turquoise is a very special specimen that was personal brought over by a Tibetan friend from Nepal who offered my a handful of choice pieces to make some scared jewelry with. This turquoise is still in its natural formation, which simultaneously reminds me of multiple earth, sky and water. Its stunning and rich in color. Turquoise is super grounding and balancing: an indigenous peoples staple in sacred adornment throughout the world. The Bear claws are from the Ojibwe region and sustainably harvested by the native peoples there in traditional protocols.

I’ve got the Medicine Wheel at the top of this piece to honor the fact that the path of these Earth-based teachings is the over-arching principal to a good spiritual life. The eagle is a bringer of sacred vision and the bear rules the dream world. The oaktree branches laden with acorns celebrate abundance and sustenance from the earth. There’s a spiral between the claws and a star at the center of both the eagle and the medicine wheel representing the center of consciousness. Your center. Powerful and grounded in its receiving of the vision and the teaching of this Earth Wisdom.

This is a large pendant that can be work on a chain or neck ring that has a smaller clasp that is no bigger than 3 x 7 mm. Please see corresponding video for further detail and sizing information before purchasing. Chain or neckring sold separately.



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