Fellow humans; I invite you to join me and others of like-minded activists passionate about achieving a future of HOPE. I want to say I am in humble service to the grand possibility of this simple medicine prayer. Imagine all of the vast UNTAPPED potential the power of our focused minds have on creating change.

The meditation is simple:

Imagine you are the center of a circle and sense the presence and location of the four cardinal directions. Take a moment to “land” in the center of that radial matrix, that wheel, the center of creation, the place of “I am”. You will notice you immediately feel more embodied and connected.

Now here’s the meditation:

Focusing the intent to the associated cardinal direction, speak the affirmations in your mind (or aloud) with love, passion and resolve. Like you are literally chanting the reality into existence. You are.

(To the East) “CLEAN AIR”
(To the South) “CLEAN ENERGY”
(To the West) “CLEAN WATER”
(To the North) “CLEAN FOOD”
(To yourself, in the Center) “COMPASSION” (this word changeable as you go)

* Note: This self-affirmation is meant to be fluid, whatever you need in the moment. For example: focus, love, courage, balance, connection. Let it just flow and come to you in the moment. It’s actually an incredible and powerful healing¬† process. And it gives you the opportunity to call in the medicine you need in that particular moment in your day, or that time in your life. It also completes and energizes the meditation with the self-empowerment element that drives the power and influence of the universal affirmations of clean air, clean energy, clean water, and clean food. All of which are absolutely fundamental to our thriving on this planet Earth.

So thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope that you will engage and incorporate it into your life on a regular basis. Before your meals, when you go to bed, or when you gather in groups, especially. Anytime you’d like to give some positive creative attention to a FUTURE OF HOPE. I thank you with all my heart. Please share again and again. I love you. Oy mitakuyasis.

In LaKesh. “I am another yourself”,

Angela Blessing