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  • Tantric Embrace ~ REVERSIBLE Pendant w Entwined Serpents and Labradorite


    A mystical work of jewelry art for a Man or Woman: This dramatic specimen of Madagascar Labradorite is the main attraction on the one side of this hand-crafted one-of-a-kind pendant. Luminous and mysterious, Labradorite is known as Merlin’s stone and is one of my personal favorites that harmonizes nicely with many energies beautifully, inspiring artistic expression and mystical awareness of the unseen worlds.

    The opposite side of this reversible pendant, are 2 serpents entwined, a symbol of Tantric Alchemy, Lovers in Union, or the interplay of the Masculine and Feminine. I’ve illustrated the rising energy of the chakras with a series of corresponding colored gemstones: Starting with Ruby, Fire Opal, Citrine, Peridot, Blue Opal, Amethyst, and a Crown of Carved Aquamarine that almost Clear. Its really an incredible Piece. And Substantial, measuring at about 4 inches in length.

    The piece is definitely unisex, and can be worn on as chain or neck-ring, sold separately. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or to see the piece in live streaming video for further detail. Thank you!

  • Bliss~ Heart with Wings Reversible Pendant


    This darling reversible pendant is brimming with sweet medicine and potent prayers for Love, Happiness and Freedom. The power of the gemstone Ruby is accentuated with two spirals representing the generous flow of heart-based connection, while the incredible Larimar on the reverse side of the pendant is a celestial soul journey of upliftment and heavenly bliss. I’ve accented this extraordinary stone with the playful sparkle of an ample faceted Aquamarine. This is an absolutely one-of-a-kind piece of art jewelry and I hope you’ll enjoy and share your beauty in it for decades to come…

    Please contact me with any questions or to view this pendant in real time by streaming video. Neck-rings or chains sold separately.

  • Spirit Quest


    This Celtic Knot Ring with and extraordinary clear jelly opal tells a story of a souls quest for meaning and understanding. The celtic knot represents the nature of infinity and that souls journey on his endless quest to gain higher forms of knowledge, mastery and ultimately, Oneness. Wear this ring as a window in to the Great Mystery, but RELAX into the knowing you have an eternity to discover the meaning of Life. Creation is in a constant process of birthing and becoming and we are right there inside that process. Awakening and realizing the beautify of all that is.

    Approx size 7-1/2

  • Fossil Ivory Tusk Pendant with Ammonite, Citrine, and Hessonite Garnet for Men or Women


    Title: Rooted

    This super earthy and masculine one-of-a-kind pendant was inspired by the uncanny match a discovered between the two fossils. Notice that unusual woody, almost bark-like texture in the brown. It looks so soft and earthy, yet comes from two very different places and species. I loved how they blended and complimented each other in form so well in this simple composition.

    I set a faceted citrine in the center of the fossil to represent the heart of gold that the owner of this piece has. On the reverse side I have chosen a luminous hessonite garnet of the highest quality to enhance their health and vitality as well as energize the root chakra.

    Wear this piece in honor of the ancient wisdom it holds within and enjoy the soul-satisfying groundedness. You are the earth wisdom. You are the mountain. You are both king and shaman within.