Everything Beautiful


Oh this pendant is really something special! The coming together of the alluring deep magical blue or the apatite butterly wings, and the soft rainbow flash of the diamond-shaped moonstone, to the glorious Australian opal dangling from the center…wow! I love butterflies because they are the most beautiful physical manifestation of transformation and metamorphosis in nature. That from within the oozing goo, lies such potential for delicate mind-blowing beauty. The manifestation of this process in this most celebrated insect/diva is what distinguishes it so famously. However, another important role of butterfly is that of being a pollinator.

Not only does this tiny, but magnificent creature undergoe an utter transformation in order to become its true potential, but then work to help others in the circle of life to procreate and prosper. Butterflies often migrate thousands of miles on an annual basis to breed in special places that somehow the just “know” how to find. So amazing on so many levels!

Anyway, the beloved butterfly is well-honored in this stunning pendant, and has a certain delicacy in its design. The pendant is about 2.5 inches long.  Neckrings and chains are sold separately. Please feel free to contact me regarding any questions or custom inquiries or adjustments. Thank you kindly, Angela Blessing

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