Heart Pendant w Carved Turquoise Butterfly, Sugalite Heart and Amethyst


Title: Waking up in the Garden

This delightful uniquely hand-crafted pendant displays a playful composition featuring some gorgeous violet colored sugalite in the form of a heart and a beautifully carved turquoise butterfly arising from the heart. In my imagination, the heart represents the opening to a new awareness of such immense beauty, inside and out, that they are forever touched and transformed. It is a story of a soul who realizes that they are already IN the heaven that they seek, that this Earth is indeed a true paradise, and that all needs are met within the balance and design of Nature.

The Bees in this piece represent both the gatherers of nectar and the sweetness of Life, and the idea that a community can think and act as a holistic organism to understand the world and provide for the tribe. The butterfly is a reminder of the powerful influence of transformation and evolution. The spirals in this piece indicate an opening of the heart and a spreading and rippling effect of Love radiating outwardly. The energy of purple is spiritual in nature as well as regal.

Wear this piece with delight and wonder as a reminder in the utter and great magnificence of the Creation, the Natural World and to BE THE CHANGE.

Please see corresponding video for further detail and sizing information. Chain or neckring sold separately. Please let me know if I can answer any questions.

Enjoy in JOY,

Angela Blessing


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