The Seer-REVERSIBLE Anasazi Pottery Shard Pendant


This exceptional pendant is reversible, allowing the wearer to enjoy 2 distinctly different designs with a unifying theme of remembering our Ancestors. The one side has a genuine pottery shard of Anasazi origin, likely of the Chaco culture. Above it, I have places an “all seeing” eye of star dioptase, whose center star catches the light and moves, representing the eye of our ancestors, watching over us, loving us, and guiding us through our challenging times.

The opposite side has a beautifully mysterious deep blue Labradorite, and a skull as in Day of the Dead on which we remember an honor those who have passed. There is a single garnet below the skull signifying the one blood, the ancestral blood at the root of our human family.

This is an interesting piece, full of homage and history, memories and story. What journeys does it have yet to unfold? Where will you take it on your soul path?

Yes, we remember you, Grandmother and Grandfathers. Ancient Ones. We are listening…

For men or women. Can be worn on a chain or neck-ring. Pendant is just under 3 inches long. Please contact me with any questions or custom requests.


Angela Blessing

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