Vision Speaks~Reversible Bear Claw Power Necklace


TITLE: Walking with the Elders ~ This is an absolutely one-of-a-kind deep medicine piece that feels to me, both powerful and shamanic, but also playful and luminous. Its commands presence, yet also beckons closer the discerning admirer to its intricacies, color and light.

On the side with Stars: We have the 7 stars all linked together; The Seven Sisters which is the Pleiades Star System. In many Native American cosmologies this is considered the star system from which our Ancestors came. Each star has a luminous high quality turquoise at its center (Sleeping Beauty Mine) which for me, represents the star-seed that is the lineage of the People.

The Bear Claws come from the Northern American-Canadian Border and were traded by the modern day Ojibwe folks living and hunting there. Bear Medicine is heart medicine. It is the wisdom of the Grandmothers and Grandfathers, the Elders. Bear is a messenger through dream-time, and can help as a spirit guide in our personal healing and our work as healers in the community or on a planetary level. Deep Wisdom. Listen to the Elders. Respect.

On the back side of this reversible medicine piece are a series of gorgeous blue apatite leading to a central mandala radiating in the Four Sacred Directions, with a Fluorites radiating in each mid-point as well. Apatite is known for enhancing mental clarity and cognitive functioning. The Fluorite placed here is powerful for not holding onto negative energy so its keeping the potency of  your intellectual clarity at optimal functioning and free of unnecessary internal chatter. The amethyst in the center of the mandala is here to activate the 3rd Eye Vision, serving to inspire your focus and work in the world or inner explorations.

If this piece resonates with you, I do look forward to meeting you someday. Please see corresponding video for further detail and sizing.

Wear in Good Health and Magical Adventures,

Angela Blessing



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