The Ally-Dragonfly ~ Reversible Sugalite and Turquoise Power Necklace



This big, beautiful dragonfly has a breathtaking presence and will be the perfect power piece for a priestess who walks between the worlds. Dragonflies like to live near running water and have an affinity for traversing between land and water easily and swiftly. They bring movement and banish stagnation. They are allies of the medicine ways and can be powerful totems in expanding consciousness and bringing about deeper insights. They help us communicate with those who have passed and those that exist beyond the veil.

The front of this reversible necklace is laden with hand-cut African Sugalite of a rich deep purple hue. I have accented this deep mysterious energy with the inner sparkle of both smoky quartz and amethyst. This composition of gemstone energies really assist in the deep inner inquiry. And also bespeak of royalty in the purple color. This is also activating the third eye chakra, our center of intuition and psychic power.

The opposite side of this unique priestess necklace, is a composition of beautiful classic turquoise with a labradorite that matches the blue-greens beautifully and add a dimensionality of magic and color-play. Spirald abound. Gemstones create almost a mosaic. The energy turquoise of turquoise very grounding. Fortifying. Protection.

The energy of this piece says: I am ready. Let is Fly. My mind and soul rise with the power and grace and lightness of self-knowing. I seek communion with the stars, with the water, with the ancestors.

Currently this piece is strung to fit a woman on the larger neck size but can easily be shortened if needed. It probably around 18 inches. Please check out my video to see further detail and sizing. Contact me with any questions!   Warmly, Angela

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