Dragonfly Goddess


This 2-sided, fully reversible power necklace depicts the beautiful form of a Dragonfly Goddess. Her dark side combines the soft iridescence of black coin Pearls, purple, pink, blue, and silver in their hues, with Smokey Quartz and dark african Amethyst and a titanium iridescent druzy quartz. The silver work is delicate complex geometries. On her alternate side the center is a deep red juicy ruby with 2 perfect faceted quartz and carved Mother of Pearl in the shape of wind currents. The beads are alternating sculpted Flourite and Black Pearls, with Amethyst and a toggle clasp. Necklace Circumference is approximately 18”. Length can be adjusted to your needs.

Energy: The Dragonfly is the one who travels between the veils of the worlds. Traversing the seen and unseen realms. She can be found always near fresh running water and plays near the surface. Reflecting. Beckoning. The druzy quartz’s mysterious crevasse lined with tiny micro-crystals is an invitation the explore the unknown. Leave no stone unturned as you enter into your inner sanctum of self. Allow your inquiries to be deeply guided by intuition, asking and allowing. Letting the flow of truth and awareness permeate your consciousness. Invite the elements of air and water to assist your process; talk with a wise friend, journal, articulate while you allow yourself to fully experience any and all emotions that emerge.

This piece says: I am gloriously radiant. I bring the understanding of worlds seen and unseen. I dance in the music of the clear running streams and rivers, in prayer for clarity and balance. My guidance is ever-present and within. My Emotional and Spiritual Life are one.


Angela Blessing