A Clear Night


This elegant hand-crafted art-jewelry creation is fit for a Queen…perhaps a queen of the forest, of the faery realms perhaps? The heart center of the necklace is a beautiful Labradorite cabochon. Hanging from the bottom is an absolutely deliciously dark, cobalt-blue Apatite; delicately faceted into a sparkling beauty. The silver work of this piece is constructed from individually hand-sawn layers of hammered and polished sterling silver. The beads are alternating faceted Labradorite and sculpted Hematite with a toggle clasp. Necklace circumference is approximately 16 and 1/2”. Length can be adjusted to your needs. This is a one-of-a-kind timeless favorite.

Energy: The first impressions that come to mind here is the celebration of Feminine Beauty. The velvety sensuality of a deep and luminous clear night sky. One of the gifts of this piece is to enjoy the curvy, watery, deep blue depth in which one can remember her Power, and her understanding of the secret night, her inner mysteries, her grace. My prayer is that the one who wears this is touched both by the transformative magic of the Labradorite but also but the intellectual clarifying power of the Apatite…both some of my favorite gemstones.

This piece says: I am Grace. My open arms cradle moon and stars. I am both penetrated by this clear deep infinite mystery as well as one who radiates this same compelling mystery. Round and voluptuous is my presence, deep and endless is my peace.


Angela Blessing


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