Eternal Warmth


This Triple Celtic Cross had the power of Infinity, Eternal Movement and Flow of the Universe. I have in the center a carved Sunstone and the Quartz Crystal directing energy back into the Earth. This pendant is an energy generator, and a reminder to expand the power you are able to hold personally and then to consciously give it back to the Earth. The Earth and Sun then return that life Force back to you and you again, share this with your loved ones and community, and with the Mother earth. Moving, Growing, Thriving. Orange is the color of the sexual chakra, let it be a reminder that your energy is vast and warm and alive…drink it in and share it with intent to heal and create.

This can be worn by and man or woman. Wear on a neckring or chain, sold separately. Please see corresponding video for further detail and sizing info before purchasing. Thank you!

Angela BLessing

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