Heart w Wings Pendant with Fossil Ivory and Garnet Feather


TITLE: Wisdom of the Heart ~ This hand crafted one-of-a-kind pendant featuring a hand-carved heart crafted from ancient fossil walrus ivory from the NW Coast, carries the wisdom and deep memory of the ancestors and native people of the NW and  Puget sound. The piece is a reminder that our soul journey experienced through the heart as an emotional journey brings us deeper understanding of ourselves, the Nature of Love and how to break free of the cycles of aversion and desire, unhealthy attachment and emotional tumultuousness.

You can feel a serene quality and deep sweetness to the piece, balanced and calm. The garnet at the bottom of the hanging silver feather is grounding through the root in to the earth, and tapping in to a regenerative and stabilizing feminine power.

Wear this piece to enhance your own inner peace, unconditional love, emotional intelligence, and spiritual freedom. Can be worn on a chain or neckring, sold separately.

Please see corresponding video for further detail and sizing info before purchasing. Enjoy!


Angela Blessing

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