Exploring the Depths


This REVERSIBLE one-of-a-kind Oceanic Sea Turtle pendant can be worn by a man or woman. The one side has a very cool black ammonite fossil and a hand-cut chrysoprase that has an amazingly delicious watery green glow to it. The ammonite is a sacred spiral and carries the medicine of the phi ratio; the mathematical equation in which all life grows and flourishes. Its also a spiral circling inwardly, a reminder to practice intentional self-inquiry, exploring into your own watery depths. The sea turtle dives deep into the medicine of this amulet as well, featured on the reverse side of the piece under a beautiful fossil coral with astounding detail. Slow down and take a breath. Take in the moment. Look within. More of yourself is here, now. Welcome.

This unique, handcrafted pendant can be worn on a chain or neckring, sold separately. Please see corresponding video for further details and sizing info before purchasing. Thank you!


Angela Blessing

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