Multi-Strand Pearls with Labradorite and Smokey Quartz


TITLE: Eyes of the Forest ~ This elegant one-of-a-kind necklace is powerfully feminine and features a beautiful texture of colors ranging from deeper golden autumn hues to the glorious shimmer of peacock radiance in the bright blue-greens. The placement of the leaves on the upper corners remind me of the brow of an owl or even an owl in flight. The sparkle of green at the top represent the guiding principal of creativity and regeneration also echoed in the presence of leafy green growth (The Forest).

The Labradorite here is the the center, the eye-catching magical glimmer of color flash appearing in different facets of light. The magic, the mystery, the soul’s center ever-shining. Below i the deep and moody smokey quartz  (or specifically whiskey quartz) offering a grounding into pure crystalline Earth Energy, but from the depths. The inner worlds.

Wear this piece to enhance your creative, feminine energy to stay in balance and tapped in to the aliveness of the Natural World. This piece has a lot of soft earthy prana and subtlety energetically. Enjoy as a reminder to are one with Nature, the Eyes of the Forest and soft and sensitive as an Owl in flight. Your vision is BOLD and your channels are OPEN…and pure gloriousness pour through you.

The necklace is average length but can be adjusted if need be. Please see product video for further detail and sizing information before purchasing. Toggle Clasp.

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