Heart Medicine Story~Reversible Double Bear Claw Ceremonial Necklace


There is so much to say about this magnificent ceremonial piece. With the glorious glittering amethyst-citrine centerpiece, complemented by the delicious deep, dusty-rose-pink rubies, the front side is luxurious and heart-warming, almost sensous in its eye candy. There are a pair of wings in flight at the top of the centerpiece.

I’ve been having a lot of conversations about Pleasure lately; how pleasure is inherently healing, and fundamentally necessary to our happiness and functionality. Not only does experiencing it make life worth living, but it actually attunes us with Nature, invites us to play, and help us resonate with Divine Consciousness, or the God Mind. I firmly believe pleasure help guide us toward goodness, its nothing to be ashamed about or to avoid. Prayer is comfort and pleasure, feeling the breeze on your skin, a Holy Pleasure. The embrace of a loved one, and the warm rush of tender stillness…all pleasure.

This medicine story on the ruby/pink side of this double bear claw necklace is really an invitation into sacred pleasure. That is to say, to embrace the pleasures that you feel really make life worth living, and by doing so setting yourself free form negative self-talkĀ  and unabashedly saying YES to life. The more you give yourself the gift of life’s myriad of pleasures, the more positive presence, heart-fullness, self-love, tenderness and compassion you will bring to your community, your decisions, and to ALL LIFE FORMS.

The reverse side of the medicine piece seems to tell a story of the natural world, the Pollinators. This beautiful dark African Amethyst gives the wearer enhanced clarity and ability to focus (hence the Greek translation “not-intoxicated”). The invitation for the wearer of this talisman, is to maintain focus and clarity, while sharing the wisdom and truth of what your are here to do, your purpose. To protect against distraction and squandering your precious time and resources, but to focus with utmost industriousness on your Sacred Work. But also to surround yourself in the Beauty of the Natural World while you do it, so as to infuse your being with the aliveness and inspiration only nature can.

There is so much that can be said, but I want to invite the owner of this one-of-a-kind shamanic jewelry piece to explore your personal medicine relationship to the symbol, minerals, and imagery here. And wear in good medicine. Please fell free to call with any questions, request a video modelling, or design a custom piece.


Yours in Good Medicine,

Angela Blessing



I sincerely hope that the person who embraces this medicine piece as their own, says yes

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