Sekhmet Goddess


This truly is an exceptional and powerful Animal Totem piece. This stunning, one-of-a-kind necklace has a golden hued Mountain Lion Claw and a series of hand-polished Fossil Walrus Ivory around both sides alternating with small faceted Citrine. It it crafted beautifully and perfectly to curve around the neck in a collar-style fit and coming in to a potent centerpiece presenting two beautiful blue opaque-faceted Sapphires, faceted Citrine, a golden triangular Labradorite, and an amazingly gorgeous Blue Star Sapphire over the claw setting. Wow. Seriously powerful medicine piece. The beading consists of greenish golden freshwater Pearls and chunky faceted Citrine with a toggle clasp. Necklace inner circumference is approximately 16 and 1/2”. Length can be adjusted to your needs.

Energy: Dropping in with this particular power piece actually invokes a state of awe. It is quite dear to me as I created it during my pregnancy with my first child in 2014. I can’t help but think of Mother Energy…a Den Mother with Her cubs, Her clan, Her tribal community. This piece is for lion-hearted leadership. And for calling upon the wisdom of the Ancestors, the wisdom of Nature and the Great Spirit to open the way. The central Star Sapphire reminds us to invoke the ancient sacred powers in our everyday work in the world…and to direct our energy in to our Life’s Purpose with clear intent and focus. The Lioness reminds us to fiercely protect what is dear to us by protecting our time and mental/emotional focus from wasteful distractions and other peoples agendas that don’t serve our highest purpose.

This piece says: I have an infinite capacity for love and limitless potential, and I CHOOSE to focus on what my heart and my wisdom is leading me to do at this time. I inspire my community to rise to the challenges of this world with wisdom, will and action in alignment. I am Den Mother Lioness for her People. Loving Powerful Leadership.

Please see video for further detail and sizing info. Contact me if you need anything special.


Angela Blessing


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