In the Light of Transformation


The color palette of this delicious nature themed necklace is golden greens and oranges. The Butterfly is made with hand-cut labradorite gemstones, and accented with hessonite garnet (orange) calcite (yellow) and faceted peridot to bring out all the shades of her wings.

This gorgeous piece is both Earthy and Feminine, a story of a Goddess in the blossoming of her fertility and abundace. It is a prayer for the Earth and a reminder of humanity’s role as sacred steward. This piece honors the energy and phases of the Triple Goddess; maiden, mother, and crone. The is beautiful in all her phases, and in all the way she grows.

This piece says I am Art in Motion. Rich with creativity. Boundless in Abundance. Dance with me. Heal with me. I am taking flight.


Angela Blessing



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