Rainbow Phoenix~Gemstone Power Necklace


This is an astounding art jewelry piece featuring the archetypal phoenix flying upward toward the sun in full radiance! There is a rainbow of gemstones bejewelling this stunning work of art including a rainbow ammolite in the center of the Phoenix, blue-green sapphire, peridot, and citrine all on the mythic bird. The Sun's center is golden labradorite with sun-rays studded w hessonite garnet radiating outward. There is Fire. There are spirals.And a LOT of powerful juju!

I created this piece out of a vision in ceremony during a time of my life wrought with intense transition and change…and all for the better. This piece and the phoenix are remonders that we must shed the old to make way for new possibility and aliveness. Reach for the sun! Reach for the stars! Live BIG…

The beads on this piece are alternating Hematite, Amber and Pearls…offering grounding and life-force energy to the wearer and finished with a ornate toggle clasp. Neck Sizing is 16″ though  the Centerpiece itself makes the length significantly longer. Think breastplate! Please see corresponding short video for further detail and sizing information before purchasing!


Angela Blessing

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