Goddess Necklace with Pearls, Fossil Coral and Pink Chalcedony


Title: Love Story

This incredibly feminine handmade power piece is kissed by the moon and dripping with love. She is ecstatic in her heart aglow. This is a necklace for a shimmering queen, a lover of romance and a lunar goddess.

Each iridescent taupe and pink and golden hued coin pearl is a representation of the blessed full moon, and each is overflowing with the luscious nectar of people in love. In the center on top is fossil coral to call in longevity and depth into the sacred marriage of masculine and feminine. Beneath the fossil is a ruby to call in integrity, strength and respect to the sacred union to oneself or another.

Currently the sizing of the necklace itself is on the petite side but can easily be lengthened if needed depending on if you would like to wear it more as a choker or if you prefer a looser fit. Please let me know how I can make it perfect for you. Matching earring are sold separately.

Enjoy in JOY,


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