This is an unusual piece, even for me. Slightly contemporary, yet tribal. Neutral color palette will look gorgeous on any skin tone. I created this piece in a very experimental mood, I wnated to see these two stones in a layered design and be playful in how I connected them. Originally it was to hang off the bottom of a large tree medallion with a bear tooth talisman hanging off the bottom. All those other elements ended up having other fates, but this is a stunning stand-alone necklace when worn on a neckring, which is included in the price.

This pendant is wonderfully expressive and has a subtle loop at the bottom on which you might be inclined to hang your own talisman as you wish! Feel and enjoy this creation that has been on a journey with me as its creator…and continue playing with and adding to it as central part of your sacred jewelry collection.

Please see corresponding video for further details and sizing info before purchasing. Thank you!



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