Moves with Spirit ~ Jaquar Toothe Pendant with Opal and Hessonite Garnet


This very rare antique Peruvian jaguar tooth was personally extracted from a skull given to a British explorer colleague of mine during his South American travels in the 1970’s. It was legally brought back to the US and kept in his personal collection until recently whereas, he was inspired to pass it along to me to create something special with it. I decided to bring the amazing energy of the gorgeous Blue Australian Opal into the composition alongside another magical jungle dweller, The Dragonfly. Dragonfly is one who guards the veils between worlds and assists in seeing what is mystical and unseen.

Jaguar is considered Queen of the Jungle, and has the strongest jaws of any animal on earth. Jaguars are plentiful in the lush jungles of Peru, and are able to live a relative peace with other jaguars in their territories, unlike most great cats. There is plenty, and they thrive. Jaguar medicine is integrity and impeccability. Its mission is to devour the unclean aspects of human behavior. Jaguar teaches us good medicine to those who stand in their personal integrity and walk through life in an impreccable manner.

My prayer and blessing to the wearer of this peace,is the richness of life well-lived, letting love, truth and justice lead the way in all decisions. This pendant is a good 4 inches long and has some weight to it. It is a powerful presence and must go to a person of good heart seeking to live in accordance with his or her integrity. Contact me with any questions. In La Kech, “I am another yourself”

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