Oceana Goddess-Mother of Pearl, Turquoise


A stunning and powerful necklace that has been blessed and initiated within an all-day water fasting ceremony of women’s prayer and song and storytelling on the shoreline of the Pacific. On the Autumnal Equinox with a circle of dedicated medicine/wisdom keepers and water protectors.

I created this piece as one in a series of sacred jewelry honoring water and those committed to the healing and protection. This is a sacred circle. I have the dolphin and her baby under the great eye of Mother of Pearl between 2 spirals moving in opposite directions, representing the sentience of our non-human allies, the universal love of a mother for her children, and as a reminder to protect these magnificent and intelligent creatures.

The pearls have a purity and cleansing quality, the turquoise, grounding and expansive; like having your energy rooted into the earth while taking in the vastness of the sky.

I could go on and on about this piece, as it has special significance as a medicine piece and earth prayer. All that aside, its incredibly GORGEOUS! Feel the water flow and potent goddess energy of the ocean through this exquisite handmade silver art jewelry.

Necklace is approximately 16 inches and wear close to the neck. can be adjust to suit neck size. Please contact me with any questions or custom work inquiries.

Wear in good medicine,

Angela Blessing

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