Runs with Wolves~ Blue Opal, Emerald, Wolf Claw w Hummingbird


Wolf Mothers and Fathers, Community Collaborators, Circle-keepers, this is a medicine talisman for you. Beautiful Wolf Claw Medicine, with the deep blue of a night sky, star-scaped and infinite as opal tend to be. Opal, keep of Ancient Water, holder of Rainbows, activate thy intuition and thy sacred vision. Set between the Crescent Moon and Stars. Magic of the night, the mystery, the sub conscious creative worlds.

The reverse side has the image of Hummingbird, bringer of joy, who works swiftly and playfully bridging the worlds of prayer and possibility. She is alongside her tiny egg of emerald, a symbol of Hope and Possibility. WE WILL work together to bring humanity into the next phase a more beautiful, thriving, sustainable, socially just world that world for EVERYONE. This is the prayer that is infused in the medicine talisman. That the wearer will engage the power of love and truth to bring people together for deep and lasting change for the better.

Chain or Neck Rings sold separately. Pendant is approximately 2 inches in length and fairly lightweight. All genuine sterling silver and natural gemstones.

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