Spirit Messenger ~ Reversible Bear Caw Pendant, Lapidolite, Crystal, Ruby


This mystical, handcrafted bear claw pendant has the magic and wonder of Lapidolite, The Wizard’s Stone, as well a deep dark Ruby Drusy crystal formation above the copper image of Red Tail Hawk. The Hawk is a messenger from Spirit. The Bear Medicine is Healer and one who work in the dream world with matters of the heart(represented by the moon) and the ancestors (represented by the stars). If you’re feeling drawn to this piece, perhaps you’re feeling a calling to step into sharing a message of healing, or to go more deeply within, wait for insight and guidance, and do your own hard work to clear yourself of childhood wounding, or family lineage trauma. Pay attention to your dreams. Be especially mindful to the messaging we are giving ourselves. Are you taking care of yourself? What do you need to feel more free and fulfilled in your life. Ask for that. Make space for that. You deserve it.

This pendant is about 3 inches long and hand crafted form Sterling Silver. Neck Ring or Chain is sold separately. Please call or email with custom order requests.

Made with Love. Wear in Good Medicine,

Angela Blessing

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