Silver Choker w Hessonite Garnet


TITLE: Open The Way ~ A sexy choker with connecting circled handcrafted with hammered silver and beautifully appointed faceted hessonite garnets. Feel swanky and saucy as you harness the power and magic of the sacred circle connected with the 2nd and 5th chakra (womb and throat). This piece is a reminder of sexual empowerment and to ask for what you want. The circle here is both a symbol of openness and of connectedness. Both which are necessary for a lively connection with a partner. The gorgeous red-orange of hessonite garnet is activating and nourishing to the creative and grounding centers of the body.

This choker is for the woman who wants to enhance and celebrate her confidence and femininity. Its a piece for the woman desiring to have deeper sexual fulfillment and open communication. Its a reminder of the connectedness of all creation, and how the life-force and sexual energy drives the evolution of life and creative passion of Nature.

Sizing is adjustable by 2 inches, but will fit most average neck sizes. Email me a picture and I’ll be able to tell whether this piece will be a perfect fit for you. Plus see corresponding video for further sizing details and how it look on! Thank you!

~Angela Blessing

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