Speak the Truth


Raven Speaks the truth. This Raven medicine necklace honors the council process, and celebrates this vociferous bird’s propensity for communal conversation, and even on a very large scale. Birds like the raven and crow have been known to gather in nature by the hundreds for what appears to be intra- and interspecies pow-wows. When I thought about the medicine of raven, besides their sheer cleverness, I thought of their unique communication style in all its facets. Their imploring coo, their menacing caw, the range of their voice is astounding among their genus.

If you’re an appreciator of this mysterious bird, and a person who could benefit from a talisman that harkens the power of council and your important and unique voice within that council, this piece may be for you. Hanging from the main image, handcrafted in copper and silver is a carved smoky quartz leaf. Or is it a black feather? you decide…

This one of a kind artist-made pendant is just over 3 inched tall. Please contact me with any questions or custom inquiries.

Thank you, Angela Blessing

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